25 Great Gifts for DJs to Suit All Budgets (2024)

DJs are creative minds responsible for how the party is going to be. Since they offer so much to the audience, why not surprise them with a creative gift for that DJ in your life? Luckily, there are many great gift ideas on the market to suit all budgets!

Whether you’re looking for something on a budget or more high-end, there are great DJ gifts on this list that will astound any DJ.

Great Gifts for DJs to Suit All Budgets

This list is in no particular order.

1. Numark DJ2Go 2 Touch
DJ Controller
Affordable controller, perfect for traveling DJs.
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The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is a great gift for entry-level DJs as it is an affordable and highly compact 2-Deck USB DJ controller for Serato. It is equipped with a mixer, crossfader, audio interface, and touch-sensitive jog wheels, which are all you will need to start your DJing journey.

The feature-packed device comes with Serato DJ Lite, but you can also use it with other software if you like. It is the ultimate gift for someone who desires to be a DJ but does not take the first step.

2. Serato DJ Pro
Most popular DJ software.
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The Serato DJ Pro Software is one of the best gifts for a DJ or someone who wants to be a DJ. As the most popular DJ software, Serato DJ Pro supports over 90 pieces of hardware. So most controllers can get integrated greatly into Serato. 

As with most music software, this can be considered a high-end gift, but it is the ideal gift for a DJ, especially if they like scratching and turntabling. At the same time, there is the free version called Serato DJ Lite but the full version Serato DJ Pro has so much to offer that it is worth the price.

3. Coasters Set of 6 Colorful Retro Vinyl Record Disk Coaster for Drinks
Super cheap and fun gift.
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If you do not want to spend too much on a gift but still want to keep the DJ theme, Retro Vinyl Record Coasters might be the perfect gift. These coasters look great, are fun, and go with the DJ theme.

The set features 6 colorful retro vinyl record disk coasters on which you can put your drinks. Each vinyl record coaster has a different label from the rockabilly era, making them even more fun.

4. Alpine MusicSafe Pro - Black Edition
Highly popular and good quality earbuds.
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The best gifts show how much you care about the other person. The Alpine MusicSafe Pro is the ultimate gift in this sense, as these earplugs protect the ears and hearing of your loved ones in loud environments. As DJs and musicians, surprisingly, tend to be found in loud places like concerts, music studios, etc., this might be a necessary gift.

These earplugs come with three different types of filters, including the 16, 19, and 22 dB filters. You can choose the right filter depending on where you are, which instrument you are playing, or basically how much noise filtration you desire.

5. Magma Riot DJ-Stashpack XL Plus
DJ Stashpack
Popular stashpack for DJ gear storing.
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Another great gift idea for a DJ is the DJ-Stashpack, which is a great backpack for DJ controllers and other necessary DJ equipment. The MAGMA RIOT DJ-Stashpack XL Plus is one of the best-selling gig bags with its versatile and lightweight design. 

You can fit many popular medium-sized controllers such as Pioneer DDJ-400, DDJ-Sb3, NI Maschine + & MK3, Denon Prime GO or DJM-900 NXS2, or DJM-S11 easily into the bag. It also features a waterproof layer along with removable bottom foam and padded side walls, as well as adjustable height.

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X
Cost-effective but quality headphones.
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A proper DJ needs a proper pair of headphones. Gifting the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X to an entry-level DJ might be a brilliant idea, as these headphones are famous for their critically acclaimed sonic performance. They are considered one of the most cost-effective DJ headphones ever.

The headphones have great clarity along with a deep and accurate bass response, which is why they are preferred by many beginner DJs. The headphones come in many color options, as well as wired and wireless versions. Although it is not the most affordable gift, it is one of the handiest ones on the list.

7. Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Professional DJ System
Professional DJ System
High-end, best for professional DJs.
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If you want to put a gigantic smile on a DJ’s face and if you have the budget for it, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 is the key. This great all-in-one Digital DJ System is one of the best and most popular DJ controllers around.

The 2-deck, 2-channel, all-in-one system offers a professional DJing experience with its 7-inch touch screen, 8 multi-colored performance pads, a wide range of input-output ports, sound effects, and many more pro DJ features. It is a high-end gift but, without a doubt, the best gift on the list.

8. Ortofon OM Pro S (black)
DJ Cartridge
An all-rounder when it comes to cartridges.
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The Ortofon OM Pro S DJ Cartridge is a great gift for turntablist DJs as they need the most versatile and best-sounding cartridges possible for the ultimate performance. With its spherical diamond stylus, this cartridge minimizes the damage done to the records by scratching, and with the rugged cantilever, it is highly durable.

It is considered one of the best all-rounder cartridges for the price as it is a consistent performer. The star of the show is the needle which allows for a detailed and rich sound while protecting the records from any kind of wear in any situation.

9. Acrylic Turntable Mat
Turntable Mat
Affordable mat for any DJ.
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If you are looking for a simple gift for a DJ, the Acrylic Turntable Mat might be a smart choice as they are highly handy, look good, and are quite affordable. These mats act as turntable platters and provide the optimal soundstage and clarity as they are made with CNC acrylic, which is the same as vinyl record materials.

Furthermore, the mats come in five different colors, including green, yellow, red, blue, and orange. All the colors are highly reflective, which means they catch the eye amazingly in low-light environments.

It has built an audio interface, so you will be able to enjoy it all the way.

10. LIUGAST Stand Bundle
Affordable stand for any occasion.
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The LIUGAST Stand Bundle is an adjustable tripod that can be used for projectors, laptops, tablets, as well as different DJ controllers and racks. They are highly versatile with their adjustable height between 17.7”to to 47.2″ and an angle of 300°. Plus, they are highly durable with metal construction.

Furthermore, the LIUGAST Stand Bundle can be considered an affordable gift, which can be very handy for DJs as it can be used for music performances as well as other projects whenever needed.

11. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey
DJ Book
A great gift for any DJ.
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Books are some of the most classic gifts ever. Before physical books were popular as gifts, nowadays they come in digital forms, but the main idea is still there. “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey” is a great gift for a DJ, as it tells the story of a DJ and how he became a force in the music industry.

The book is a cult classic as it is considered the definitive account of DJ culture. Written by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, there are many familiar places, names, and events in the book that would take the string interest of a DJ without a doubt. The book can be purchased in physical form or digital form as you like.

12. Reloop AMS-MIXTOUR All-In-One Controller
A portable and versatile controller for DJs.
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As one of the most unique, portable, and versatile DJ controllers, the Reloop Mixtour All-In-One Controller is another amazing gift for a DJ. The portable unit supports PC and Mac as well as iOS and Android apps, which is not the case with most portable controllers.

It comes with 8 multi-color performance pads, full-size control knobs, 45mm Pro-Faders, 3-band EQ, gain trim pots, bipolar filters, and a VU meter. Plus, it is equipped with an audio interface and everything you need for mixing.

13. SanDisk 128GB Flash Drive
Flash Drive
Essential piece of equipment.
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As DJs often carry a USB flash drive with them for their songs, projects, samples, and every digital file they need for their performance, gifting a USB stick to a DJ is always a good idea. The SanDisk USB Flash Drive is one of the most reliable choices with its different size choices.

There are options from 16 GB to 512 GB, and the drives work pretty fast with the high-speed USB 3.0 technology with speeds up to 150MB/s.

14. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
Bookshelf Speakers
Mid-range, quality, Bluetooth speakers.
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The Edifier R1700BT Speakers are cost-effective Bluetooth bookshelf speakers that can be used for casual music listening as well as DJ jams and practices. The speakers feature 66 W RMS, dual AUX inputs, a remote control, along with a classic wooden look.

The speakers sound detailed and clear with the 19mm dome tweeter and the 4-inch bass driver in each speaker, offering rich lows and clear highs. Especially the low frequencies shine with the bass reflex port.

15. AKAI Professional MPD218
MIDI Pad Controller
Cost-effective MIDI pad controller for DJs.
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The USB MIDI pad controllers are highly popular these days and the akai professional MPD218 is one of the best-selling units. It comes with 16 MPC Drum Pads, 6 Assignable Knobs, Note Repeat & Full Level Buttons, and software such as Ableton Live Lite, Drum Synth 500 by AIR Music Tech, and MPC Beats.

The unit is pretty straightforward to learn and use, even for absolute beginner DJs. There are 48 fully-assignable pads in total with three pad banks, and they feature ultra-reactive triggers to reflect every detail when you play.

16. Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage Lights
Stage Lights
The ultimate show-maker for DJs.
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A DJ performance would not be complete without a light show. That is why the Summer Professional DMX512 LED Stage Lights is a great gift for DJs, as these lights are sound-activated with the DMX controller control. There is also the option to control the lights without the DMX with random combinations.

The unit provides red, green, and blue beam lights, which are perfect for parties, shows, and any kind of indoor event.

17. Transcend 1 TB External Hard Drive
External Hard Drive
The most crucial piece of gear for any DJ.
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External Hard Drives are the safes of DJs as all their samples, projects, songs, and any file are stored in those drives. So, having a fast and high-storage-capacity external hard drive is a must. One of the best and most cost-effective options is the Transcend 1 TB External Hard Drive with USB 3.0 technology.

There are many variations of this unit as you can choose a slim or standard case, 1 TB or 2 Tb storage capacity, and the option to have a case or not. It is a useful and nice gift for any musician or DJ.

18. Bruce Lee DJ Dragon Classic Black T-Shirt
Funny and cool-looking T-Shirt.
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If you want to go funny instead of handy, a fun T-shirt for a DJ to wear in performances or on casual occasions is a brilliant idea. There are many fun DJ t-shirts like this Bruce Lee DJ T-Shirt. Also, you can go for other apparel like a sweatshirt, coffee mugs, or pillows, but clothes are better as musicians can use them while performing.

19. Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit
Cleaning Kit
Vinyl cleaning kit.
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The Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit is another handy gift for turntablist DJs as cleaning is crucial to prevent wear in vinyl records and keep them nice and clean for upcoming shows. This kit includes an ultra-soft velvet record brush, XL cleaning liquid, a stylus brush, and a storage pouch.

The bundle has everything you need to keep your records and stylus clean of dust, dirt, or fingerprints. The anti-static velvet brush and the spray get the job done on the records, while the stylus brush is responsible for removing any particles off the player’s needle.

20. DJ Spinner Tabletop Figurine
Tabletop Figurine
Decorative gift for DJs.
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Another simple yet great gift idea is the DJ Spinner Decorative Musician Tabletop Figurine, which would be a nice detail in a DJ house. The figurine made of metal in a silver color would be a fun and elegant decor in a living room or a studio. This one measures around 6″ to 2″.

21. Tim― The Official Biography of Avicii
DJ Book
A bio book about one of the greatest to ever do it.
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“Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii” by Måns Mosesson is a great book that tells the story of one of the best DJs ever who passed away too soon. Avicii rocked the world in the era of house music, which made Swedish house music one of the most-listened-to music in the world.

However, Tim or Avicii was an introvert and a fragile young man who is not mainly known by most people. The book tells the story of him, how he grew up, how he became interested in music and the DJ world, and the struggles he went through – a must-read for any DJ.

22. Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand
Vinyl Record Stand
The perfect way to display your vinyl record.
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A decorative vinyl stand might be a great gift for a DJ, especially if there is a touchy style and practicality. This vinyl stand made of premium wood looks quite nice, and it has the sign “Now Playing” on top for the user to put the record playing at the moment for others to see and examine. It is a nice decor and smart object to draw attention to the vinyl record. 

23. Rockville ROCKBOOTH XL DJ Event Booth
DJ Booth
A complete set for any active DJ.
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The Rockville ROCKBOOTH XL DJ is the complete set a DJ needs for performing anywhere. It consists of four facade panels, a table panel, a travel bag, and eight scrims. The whole set is made of a metal frame for a stable and stronghold as well as extra durability.

The table also has wire management openings, and it can be easily carried in the travel bag. The whole set might force the budgets of most people, but it is a great gift for any DJ.

24. Gator Cases GK-1610 Gig Bag
Gig Bag
Cost-effective gig bag for DJs.
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The Gator Cases GK-1610 Gig Bag is a cost-effective bag for DJ controllers and units. There are two sizes for different-sized units: one with 16 x 10 x 3-Inches and the other with 22.5 x 11.5 x 4-Inches.

It is a heavy-duty nylon gig bag with soft nylon pads inside. There are also pockets around the bag for extra gear like cables, power supply, etc.

25. DJ Board Personalized LED Light
Personalized Gift
Personalized LED DJ board light, great decorative gift.
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With 16 different colors and 4 light modes, the DJ Board Personalized LED Light is another great gift for DJs to personalize and decorate their stand.

The color can be changed with the remote control easily. Plus, the star of the show is the flat acrylic panel with laser engraving of choice, which creates amazing 3D visual effects. The unit works with the power adapter provided or three AA batteries.


Here are 25 great gift ideas that you can buy to put a big smile on your loved DJ’s face. There are many different options with different price tags for any budget, and they all have different uses. The one thing they all have in common is that they would all succeed in making a DJ happy as a kid.

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