10 Easy Songs on Recorder (With Videos)

The recorder is such a popular and easy instrument to get started on. We’ve decided to put together a list of 10 easy songs that you can play on a recorder in no time at all!

Apart from that, you can find some advice on what makes for an easy recorder song and what tunes you should pick when you’re learning.

1. Happy Birthday to You

One of the most recognizable songs in the entire world, this instant birthday classic is an easy tune you can learn to play on any instrument.

It has a total of 6 notes, so it will take you up and down pretty much the entire scale, but the melody is so easy you will master it in no time. This is also a great tune to practice different note lengths.

2. Titanic: My Heart Will Go On

An all-time classic tune from one of the best-known movies in the history of movies. Celine Dion made a career out of this song, so why wouldn’t you?

This is a really easy tune to master, as it only has 5 different notes, but you will use two (F and E) 90% of the time.

It’s also quite slow and repetitive, so you don’t have to hurry when playing it.

3. Baby Shark

If you had a baby in the past couple of years, there’s literally no chance you don’t know this song.

As it came out in 2016, this has become an instant hit and classic with children, so it’s only natural they would want to learn this song.

As with all of the children’s songs, this one is also quite simple. It consists of just a few notes and once you get where they are, you’ll be able to play it like a master.

4. Amazing Grace

If you’re looking to get to something more complex and not just a kids song with 3 or 4 notes, Amazing Grace can be that song. If you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument, this is a song that will come up.

Firstly, because everybody knows it and secondly because it really lets you learn all the different notes in an easy and acceptable way.

This song is a bit longer and uses plenty of notes, but don’t be scared. If you’re past playing the easiest melodies out there, this can be a perfect step to take towards a bit more complex melodies and songs.

5. Ode to Joy

Another easy-to-medium song, this masterpiece of classical music Is well known around the world.

Same as the previous one, Ode to Joy is not your easiest piece to master but is still quite easy to learn, and once you do master it you will feel incredible.

This is a great way to master different notes and how to combine them.

6. It’s Raining

We move on with this nursery rhyme favorite. This is one of the easiest songs on this list, as it only consists of three notes – A, E, and G.

The rhythm is the same throughout the song and there’s no way you won’t master this song in no time at all.

7. Mary had a Little Lamb

Mary had a Little Lamb is a widely known song around the world and as such it always finds its way to starter materials on different instruments.

It consists of just 4 notes and is slow, so you won’t have to take on too much when first starting to learn how to play it.

8. Row Row Row Your Boat

This is a song that’s great if you want to learn some other notes than just your standard A, E, C, G, D that most of these songs use.

Moving higher up the pitch, you’ll get to hear and play some other notes that are not so common in songs, but still do it in an easy way and with an easy song, you well know.

9. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Children favorite around the world, Old MacDonald had a farm and this great tune to practice your recorder skills with.

It has 5 notes so you’ll get to move up and down the ladder, but still, it’s not that hard and you can follow it pretty easily.

10. Hot Cross Buns

We finish off this list with the easiest song out of all on this list. Just three notes and a slow playing tempo are all you need to master this song and get your music career started!

What Makes a Song Easy on Recorder?

Slow Songs

Not just on a recorder, but playing slow songs is crucial at the beginning of playing on any instrument. Because you don’t have the skills yet to play faster pieces, the slower you can get is better. This will help you develop your playing skills more accurately and precisely (in this instance your fingering technique).

Easy Rhythms

When starting to learn a new instrument, you should always start with easier rhythms. This means that you shouldn’t expect to master difficult pieces with tons of rhythm changes but opt for a familiar, easy rhythm like 4/4 or ¾. This will, again, help you master the basics, before moving on to more complex stuff.

Familiar Songs

Learning how to play new songs takes some time and it’s always better if you already have in your mind how the tune is going to unravel before you play the next note.

This can also be helpful in learning where notes are and how to play them, especially for your fingering technique on a recorder.

So, try and practice on some familiar tunes first, which is also a reason why all music textbooks start with nursery rhymes and similar easy songs.

Repetitive Songs

When starting out you don’t want to get too much over your head when learning how to play. Choosing repetitive songs will help you with learning new songs, as you have to repeat the same phrases again and again, which is great for practicing and learning new skills in general.


We hope that this article has helped you learn some new songs to play on your recorder. Even though it’s not the most glamourous instrument out there, this is a great and fun way to learn some music and the basics of wind instruments.

Brian Clark is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is passionate about practically all areas of music and he particularly enjoys writing about the music industry.

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