The 5 Best Trombone Cases and Gig Bags for Protection and Durability (2022)

A trombone can be a serious investment. A good case can make it easy to transport, while also keeping it safe and secure.

When you have to go to gigs or to practice, you’ll quickly realize that you need a case for your instrument very quickly. We’ve decided to go into the world of trombone cases and list out 5 of the best ones that you should consider.

Also, in this article, we are going to answer some of the most important questions that most people have when they’re buying a trombone case.

Best 5 Best Trombone Cases – Our Pick

1. Gator Cases GC-TROMBONE
Editor's Choice - Hard case from a great brand
2. Protec MX306CT Tenor Trombone Case
Good quality nylon fabric exterior
3. Andoer Trombone Gig Bag Backpack for Alto/Tenor Trombone
Affordable Option - Light, soft gig bag for trombone
4. Protec PL239 Platinum Series Tenor Trombone Gig Bag
High-end gig bag. Water repellent, ballistic nylon exterior
5. SKB Trombone Case
Hard case with good build quality

1. Gator Cases GC-TROMBONE

When you’re looking for something that will be durable, protective of your instrument, and affordable at the same time, Gator Case is probably your best bet at finding it. This company produces cases for various different products, including trombones.

Their cases are made out of hard plastic exterior lined up inside with EPS foam protective interior, which will provide your trombone with the best protection available against physical damage. They also come with aluminum latches with locks, so you know that nobody will open it unless you want them to open it. Price is in mid-range, but if you’re looking for a quality, sturdy, protective case that you can easily take on a plane or with other cargo and be sure that your instrument will make it out alive, then you’re in a right place.

2. Protec MX306CT Tenor Trombone Case

If you don’t want to haul heavy strong case everywhere you go with you, but still want that protection for your instrument, Protec MX360CT could be your solution. This is a tenor trombone case, so beware of the size of the instrument you can fit inside. It’s made out of nylon fabric exterior which is highly durable and on the inside, it’s fitted with durable lightweight EPS rigid foam as well as the plastic latches.

It has several different straps on the outside, so you can easily take it any way you want (or need) and is great for public transportation. This is a great protective case that will last you for years, but it also comes at a bit high price.

3. Andoer Trombone Gig Bag Backpack for Alto/Tenor Trombone

Even though the sellers will tell you differently, most people don’t actually need all that protection for their instruments, but just a package to take it away more easily with them when traveling. Andoer Gig BackPack is a nice, lightweight, affordable soft case for Alto/Tenor trombone. It comes in two different colors (blue and red) and is made out of the nylon outer case, which is waterproof and durable and inside cotton padding.

It has two separate cases, one for the instrument itself and the other for mouthpiece, straps, and other extras you might carry with yourself. The biggest plus for this case is the price – it’s really low, especially compared to other cases on this list. Even though it doesn’t give you as much protection as others do, this case is enough for most everyday users who don’t go on international tours and gigs but simply need a case to carry their trombone around town.

4. Protec PL239 Platinum Series Tenor Trombone Gig Bag

PL239 is another high-end, semi-rigid case that is made for professional use and intended to last for years. On the outside, it’s made out of very durable nylon material which is waterproof. On the inside, it’s made out of custom made foam, which is in places secured with wooden panels to add more protection while keeping the weight of the whole case down.

With it, you’ll get several pockets which you can use to store everything you need, but beware that ultimately you won’t be able to carry literally everything you think of as this is made to be a trombone case, not a luggage bag. The price is high, but this is a really high-quality product that you’ll love and use for years to come.

5. SKB Trombone Case

We end off this list with another heavy-duty, rigid case for your trombone. SKB will fit most of the standard trombones, and smaller, and is a no-nonsense case. It’s made out of hard plastic on the outside, which is durable and waterproof, with aluminum reinforced latches.

On the inside, this case is made out of rigid foam, with separate pockets for mouthpiece and straps, so that you can easily pack everything you need for your trombone. The price is high, but for it, you’ll get a really quality made, sturdy, rigid case that will keep your trombone safe and last you for decades.


Size of the trombone

When you’re buying your case, you should always not different sizes in which trombones come. Tenor Trombones are the standard ones, but depending on the type you have, the size of the instrument will wary. So, always check if the case you’re looking for will fit your specific trombone.

Soft vs. Hard case

When you’re buying a case, you’ll quickly notice that there are several different types of cases you can find. Some of them are made out of soft exterior while some have a rigid exterior made out of stronger materials. If you’re wondering what’s the difference, we’re here to help you explain it all and find the best case for yourself.

Soft case

Soft cases are all the cases that come with nylon made exterior. The main difference between different soft cases is the padding thickness. It can range from no padding at all to 20mm of padding, which adds more safety to your trombone. The cheapest ones are just a simple bag for the instrument with no padding and waterproof nylon casing outside and they offer no protection whatsoever to your instrument, but they are OK if you just need them to carry the instrument more easily to and from your car.

There are several different more expensive soft cases which are usually named gig bags. They offer better protection and are great for people who use a lot of public transportation as you can carry them with you more easily as they usually have back straps. They also have more room with added pockets of space, so you can fit all the extras you’re carrying.

Hard case

Hard cases are usually made out of ABS (molded plastic) or fiberglass/carbon fiber in the more expensive options. These cases have the strong outer shell and the interior is made out of EPS foam, which is rigid but still comfortable and protective of the instrument inside. On the plus side, they will offer the most protection to your instrument, but on the negative side, they are much heavier, more expensive, and have only one handle to carry. if you’re a professional that’s on the road at all times, this is the right buy, but if you’re just a beginner, you should probably save your money and buy something a bit more affordable.


We hope that this article has helped you shed some light on the matter of trombone cases. Whether you need the heavy-duty hard case to travel alongside you around the world or just a simple soft bag to take you trombone across town to practice, you’ll find what you’re looking for in here.

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