The 10 Best Record Crates and Boxes

As you start to collect vinyl records, you can quickly start to realize why you need a practical solution for vinyl storage in your living space!

In this article, we’re going to present to you our pick of 10 of the best record crates and boxes for storing your vinyl collection. 

1. Crosley AC1004A-BK

Horizontal, sturdy, black stylish wooden crate.

We’re starting off this list with a Crosley AC1004A-BK. This is a stylish, black, wooden crate that can hold up to 75 records.

It won’t take up too much of your space than needed. You can easily pick it up with integrated carry handles. As for the design, you can choose from dozens of colors, so you can match any interior you have with this case and it comes with a famous Crosley logo painted on the sides of the crate for the better visual finish.

2. SawToothTimber Vinyl record/LP stackable wooden crate

Handmade, vertical, stackable wooden crate.

If you’re looking for an easily expandable way to store your records, you should check out SawToothTimber’s creation. It’s a standard, sturdy, wooden case made out of pinewood, which keeps the cost down and is durable for the years to come.

The great thing about these crates is that they are stackable. This means that you can buy several of them and stack them on one another, giving you (in theory, at least) an infinite amount of new crates you can get. This is a great buy for someone looking to get an affordable and secure way to store a lot of records.

Image credit: Etsy seller | SawToothTimber

3. Victrola Wooden Record Crate

Affordable and easy way to store records.

If you’re not looking to buy a high-end item, but a simple crate in which you can hold your records, Victrola Wooden Crate is just a pick for you. This is a simple, low-end crate, made out of wood, that can hold up to 50 crates inside.

Assembly is needed when you get the crate, but it’s really easy as you get everything prepped and marked, so you just need to fit all the pieces together. It has a nice wooden color (and you can choose from several colors) and an etched Victrola sign on one side of the box.

4. DesignAtelierArticle Metal LP storage

Hand welded, metal crate on wheels.

If you’re looking for a more of a high-end product, be sure to check out DesignAtelier’s LP storage. This is a hand-welded, metal crate for storing LP’s. Dimensions are 13 2/3" (width) x 20 1/2" (length) by 9 2/3" (height). The bottom of the crate is made out of metal mesh, so you’re safe that your records won’t slip when you put them in.

The great thing about this is that it has wheels, so it’s really easy to move it around the house if need be. You can also pick it up by the sidebars and carry it like that.

Image credit: Etsy seller | DesignAtelierArticle

5. OldStablesWoodStudio Vinyl Record Crate

Versatile and adjustable wooden crate.

When it comes to wooden crates, there are tons on them on the market (and on this list too). But, they all tend to be standardized – they come in one size and that’s it. Well, if you want an affordable, sturdy wooden crate for your records, but for some reason, you have some personalized wishes for it, Old Stables Wood Studio is there for you to meet your demands.

The standard version of these crates is made out of pine and oak wood, with dimensions of 36x38x32cm, but you can always ask for a change if you want it and they meet your demands.

Image credit: Etsy seller | OldStablesWoodStudio

6. Pine Storage Crate for LP's/Albums (2 Pack)

Light, wooden crates that come in two-packs.

Pine storage crates, as the name suggests are made out of pine wood. They come with designed handles on the sides and can store up to 75 records at a time. They are also extra-hardened on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about crates braking when you pick them off the ground.

But the best part is that you get two crates in one pack. This means that for the same amount of money, you’ll get double the deal, which is great if you need lots of crates at the same time.

7. Sanctus Sound Vinyl Record Crate for 7" / 45s

Cedar wooden box made specifically for 45rpm records

Whey looking at record crates, you’ll notice that most of them are built to house LP records which are larger, standard album edition records. But, when you start looking for ways to store your singles records, you’ll notice that there’s not so much of an offer on the market.

Sanctus Sound has these great wooden crates for 7” records. These are made out of cedarwood and can store up to 90 7” records safely. They are rugged and wood colored crates, which are affordable and good looking.

Image credit: Etsy seller | SanctusSound

8. Chalkboard Vinyl Record Storage Crate

Standard LP wooden crate with a chalkboard on the side.

When you’re looking to get a record crate, they all kind of look the same – a wooden box essentially. So, to personalize it is a bit of a tricky thing to do. Luckily, you can always buy a Chalkboard Vinyl Record storage crate, which has a big chalkboard on one side of the crate.

With this, you can write or draw whatever you wish on the side, and change it whenever you like easily. This crate can hold up to 70 LP records and is a versatile and sturdy record holder.

9. RomanyHouse Record Storage Crate

Geeky-designed, plywood made record crate.

If you’re tired of having to look at the same old wooden design, check out this item. Romany House crates are made out of laser-cut plywood, but what sets them apart are the designs. With laser etching, you can ask for whatever image you want to be drawn on your crates, giving you maximum versatility when setting up your crates.

These can hold up to 40 LP records and are really affordable. They are also quite sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about crates breaking. This is a great buy if you’re looking to liven up your apartment with some funky, new crates.

Image credit: Etsy seller | RomanyHouse

10. Record Storage Crate and Record Album Cover Frame and Display Box

A clear, acrylic frame on the side of the box, so you can see your records.

We finish off this list with a crate form the same maker as before. This item from Romany house sets apart with again beautiful design. Different from the other boxes on the market, this one has a clear, acrylic side, which allows for the records to be easily seen. This creates an easy and effective visual aid when designing your apartment as it allows you to chose a record on display and thus change the mood of the room.

This box is 5" x 9.25" wide and is 10" tall and it can house up to 40 LPs at one time. Also, a great thing about it is that you get three wooden separators, which you can use to find the record you want more easily.

Image credit: Etsy seller | RomanyHouse

Featured image credit: (left) Etsy seller | SawToothTimber, and (right) Etsy Seller | OldStablesWoodStudio

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