The 7 Best ASMR Microphones for a Clear and Immersive Sound

Looking for a great microphone for ASMR videos? This article goes through some of the best options available.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has become a very popular trend over the last few years. People of all ages find ASMR videos stimulating and relaxing.

The tingling sensation and relaxation that these ASMR rituals invoke in individuals add up to millions and millions of hits on YouTube and other internet platforms. From soap and kinetic sand cutting, eating food, whispering to brushing hair, the world of ASMR is hair-rousingly intriguing yet also rewarding in terms of financial gains.

Some of the ASMR dedicated channels on the internet have millions of subscribers for stimulating content that provides the viewers’ relaxation, helps them avoid anxieties and fall asleep.

When it comes to venturing into creating ASMR, you need high-quality equipment.

The most fundamental equipment besides the video camera is the investment into a quality microphone for ASMR videos. A sub-par microphone will ruin the sanctity and calmness of the sensational experience that ASMR offers.

What type of microphone should you use for ASMR?
The best types of microphones for ASMR are omnidirectional or binaural, as they capture sounds from all around the microphone and give you an immersive sound. We explain about the differences between these later in the article.

In this article, we explore the best microphones that are suitable for high-quality ASMR recording.

The 7 Best ASMR Microphones – Our Round-Up

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
Editor's Choice - Very popular, affordable USB
2. FS Pro II Binaural Microphone
A high-end binaural microphone in the shape of the human ear!
4. Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB
With both USB and XLR options.
6. HyperX QuadCast Condenser Microphone
with a built-in shock mount and internal pop-filter. Also very popular for gaming.
7. LyxPro SDPC-2
Stereo pair of pencil condenser stick microphones

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

While starting out in ASMR, you may just want a microphone that’s easy to set up and use. The Blue Yeti USB microphone is a popular mic in the ASMR community. All it requires is to connect a USB cable with the equipment along with an audio jack for headphones, and you are good to record.


The sturdy desk mic captures clear and crisp sounds. Easy connectivity, multi-mic recording setup, and various polarity patterns such as stereo, cardioid, Bi, and omnidirectionality make it great for beginners. Blue Yeti is great for capturing brushing, tapping, and water sounds.

• Good sound quality
• Built-in headphone jack
• Varied controls for volume, mute, and gain
• Beginner-friendly

2. FS Pro II Binaural Microphone

The eccentric 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone is a performance-driven microphone that will ultimately amp up your ASMR game. Popular among the Asian ASMR community, this microphone is a peculiarly interesting replica of the human ear that adds an interesting visual.

Cosmetic value aside, the 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone is an outstanding winner in terms of performance as the microphone is omnidirectional and binaural, capable of capturing and mimic realistic sounds with its 360-degree recording.

The detachable adapter at the base allows you to easily mount the mic onto your tripod or grip handle and a 3.5 mm audio output jack that serves you with realistic and amplified sounds. The microphone offers up to whopping 300 hours of battery life. The 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone is perfect for recording subtle sounds such as tapping, cutting, and massaging stimulations.

3. Rode NT1-A-MP Stereo Studio Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The Rode NT-1 competes with many higher-end microphones. The sound quality of this mic is great for ASMR recording as it delivers dynamic, original voices with amazing clarity. The NT1-A-MP comes as a matched pair of mics, so you really get to play around with different recording styles.

With an S/N ratio of 5 dBA, the microphone does not interfere with the recording quality and does not capture unwanted noises.

The high-quality gear promises to deliver top-notch ASMR sounds. Easy plug and play with no complicated installation and compatibility across all operating systems and controls makes this microphone a worthy choice for serious ASMR specialists.

• Amazing sound quality
• Sturdy yet attractive form and design

4. Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB

This next mic on the list is for beginner artists venturing into the ASMR talent pool. Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB is very affordable in price but does not disappoint in terms of performance at all.

The USB-connected microphone comes with a lifetime warranty that is a great investment for beginners. A plug-and-play mechanism along with a mic stand and XLR cable is everything that comes with the package, which allows you to churn ASMR content from the get-go. Similar to its higher-end counterparts, the Audio-Technica includes a headphone jack to monitor the recording sounds simultaneously.

All in all, Audio-Technica is a great budget buy for the beginner ASMR content creator.

• Affordable price
• Beginner-friendly
• Comes in a complete package with a mic stand, equipment, USB, and XLR cable

5. Audio Technica AT875R

Audio Technica AT875R is perfect for ASMR artists who want a microphone that has a sleek yet sturdy design that does not take up much of your workspace but also blocks off unwanted background noise.

Its defining feature is off-axis noise blocking and a narrow acceptance field, which results in perfect sound quality and triggers ASMR stimulation.

• Sleek and lightweight design
• Phenomenal at blocking off-axis noise

6. HyperX QuadCast Condenser Microphone

The primary goal of an ASMR artist is to take their audience through an out-of-body immersive stimulatory experience. HyperX QuadCast Condenser Microphone is a good option to achieve that goal. 

Although the condenser microphone primarily serves as a gaming mic, its distinct feature makes it a perfect ASMR suitable mic. The distinct features such as high precision control and anti-vibration shock allow you to record flawless ASMR content.

• Various mic patterns
• Availability of control knobs
• Multipurpose mic
• -36 dB sensitivity

7. LyxPro SDPC-2

Play with the interchangeable polar patterns such as stereo, omnidirectional, binaural, cardioid, and 3D effects for an immersive ASMR recording.

LyxPro SDPC-2 is a dual microphone that brings a certain level of customization to the recording and captures high-quality sound. LyxPro microphone is suitable for ASMR artists who like to experiment with their sounds. Therefore, the interchangeable polar patterns allow for diverse sound recordings.

• Dual mic option
• Interchangeable polar patterns

What type of microphone should you get for ASMR recordings?

You should always choose condenser mics instead of dynamic mics for ASMR recordings. Condenser mics are a lot more sensitive to external sounds, which is very important in ASMR.

XLR mics are preferable over USB mics if you have the budget. Also, omnidirectional or binaural mics are the preferred mic patterns as they allow for an immersive experience.

USB or XLR Mics for ASMR Recordings?

XLR mics are superior to USB mics because they almost always offer better sound quality. However, they are generally more expensive because you need to use an audio interface to convert the audio signal into a digital signal that the computer can interpret.

Quite a few good USB mics have come out in recent years, which has made recording more accessible to a lot more people.

If you are using an XLR condenser mic for ASMR (which is recommended), then you will need to get an audio interface with phantom power.

Omnidirectional or Binaural Mics for ASMR?

The omnidirectional microphones pick up sounds from all directions. A binaural microphone setup uses two separate omnidirectional microphones to create an immersive sound.

Omnidirectional microphones are great for creating ASMR content that focuses on cutting, brushing, tapping, and scratching sounds.

Binaural microphones are where two omnidirectional microphones are utilized to record the sounds in the left and right channels separately. This can create a very immersive 3D stereo soundscape for your audience. If you have the budget, it’s well worth checking out binaural microphones.


When it comes to creating entrancing and tingling ASMR content for your audience, the one thing that can make or break your efforts is the microphone.

ASMR is extremely and completely dependent on the high-quality sound recording that catapults the audience through an unnerving yet relaxing experience.

Therefore, ASMR artists need to understand how their microphones can give them the result they desire.

This article hosts a great selection of ASMR-suitable microphones to get you started on the journey.

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