30 Bass-Heavy Songs (Test Your SubWoofers)

Subwoofers are excellent for giving your sound system the extra boost it needs to be heard loudly and clearly. However, even the finest subwoofers may be put to the test to see if they can handle greater amounts of sound.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of bass pounding into the body? But bass is more than just chest-thumping power. It is the foundation of music, providing the rhythm and driving force of most songs.

A good subwoofer will not only pressurize the room but also communicate the detail and timing of the bass. Here are some great songs to test the capabilities of your subwoofer.

1. “Push Pull” by Purity Ring

Push Pull by the Canadian group Purity Ring is the ultimate test for any subwoofer. Not only are the synths in this song deep and powerful, but the syncopated beat also underpins the lyrics beautifully. 

The polyrhythms and subsonic textures of Push Pull really add an extra dimension to this work while highlighting the haunting voice of the singer. Only a very high-quality subwoofer can do justice to the song, so if it sounds great on your system, you know you’ve got a great sub.

2. “Angel” by Massive Attack

Angel by English trip-hop group Massive Attack is a perennial favorite when it comes to testing subwoofers.

The deep, powerful bass is a great workout for even the most capable systems and is an essential component of this dark, brooding song. The bass builds steadily to a crescendo that separates the best subwoofers from the rest.

3. “Deus Ex Machina” by deadmau5

A classic test for even the best subwoofers, Deus Ex Machina by deadmau5 has deep, electronic beats and intriguing subsonic.

This dark, electronica song demands a really good subwoofer as most speakers are unable to handle the deep, powerful bass that it puts out.

4. “Flashback” by Fat Freddy’s Drop

While New Zealand band Fat Freddy’s Drop’s Flashback has great vocals and a catchy melody, it is the deep, punchy beat that really grabs you by the ears.

Only an excellent subwoofer that has the extension to cover the deep bass and the detail to convey the groove of the percussion will be able to do this song justice. 

5. “The Robots” by Kraftwerk

A masterpiece of electronic music, Kraftwerk’s The Robots may be 40 years old, but the song remains relevant to this day. The deep, precise synth notes require a subwoofer that is capable of plumbing the depth but is also fast and controlled.

6. “High All Day” by Popcaan

Popcaan’s High All Day is an anthem to marijuana. Fortunately, you don’t have to participate to enjoy this song, though you will need a subwoofer that has the extension to handle the deep bass notes that convey the vibes of the music. 

7. “Sleep Sound” by Jamie XX

A song with many dimensions, Sleep Sound by Jamie XX was designed partly to enable deaf children to ‘feel’ the music.

Unsurprisingly, the song is filled with powerful, impactful bass that really hits you in the chest. This is a great song to check out how powerful your subwoofer really is and how hard it can hit.

8. “Hurricane” by Eprom

Hurricane by Eprom boasts an irresistible snake-kick beat that has inspired many new artists.

Be warned though, lesser subwoofers won’t know how to handle the tremendous bass energy that this song puts out. On the other hand, if you have a good – or better yet great –  subwoofer, you are in for a treat.

9. “In Your Eer” by Jess & Crabbe

A house song that is filled with inimitable beats and great melodies, Jess and Crabbe’s In Your Eer needs a great subwoofer that can reproduce deep, palpable bass to do it justice.

If your subwoofer has sufficient extension to hit the deepest notes with speed and control, you could well imagine you are actually in a club.

10. “Addicted To A Memory” by Zedd ft. Bahari

Addicted to A Memory by Zedd is a wonderful song filled with a memorable beat that underpins Bahari’s haunting vocals.

The bass is intricate and complex, so lesser subs will have a hard time keeping up. If the subwoofer you are testing can convey the drive and rhythm of the beat, you know you have a great sub on your hands.

11. “Jailbreak” by AWOLNATION

The bass on AWOLNATION’s Jailbreak is an essential part of the song, conveying the dramatic tension and foreboding of the lyrics. Check to see if your subwoofer can cover the deepest notes and fill you with a quiet sense of dread.

12. “Limit To Your Love” by James Blake

Limit To Your Love by James Blake is filled with wonderful bass that is both extremely deep and powerful. Only the best subs can cover the low notes while reproducing the texture and timing of the percussion, which is why this song is such a tough test for subwoofers.

13. “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar

A memorable song with an irresistible beat, Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar is a tough challenge for any subwoofer. Not only is the bass extremely deep, but it is also very powerful and can push a sub to distort. But if your subwoofer can handle it, you’ll be on your way to music heaven.

14. “Really Really” by Kevin Gates  

A rap song with a powerful, deep beat, Really Really by Kevin Gates was clearly mixed to fill the room with chest-pounding bass. Play this song to check if your subwoofer can shake the floor with the memorable bassline.

15. “Last Night In Town” by MiMOSA

Last Night In Town by MiMOSA has an extremely fast, deep beat. This is a great song to test if your subwoofer has the speed to handle the beat, combined with the extension to cover the deepest notes.

16. “Fantasy” by The XX

Fantasy by XX is not only a fantastic song, it features bass that is both epic and powerful. It is a tough test for any subwoofer to deliver the bass in a loud, satisfying, full manner without distorting.

If you really want to punish your subwoofer, you can turn up the volume, but make sure that your subwoofer – and neighbors – can take it.

17. “Wasted Times” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s Waster Times has great production values, with a smooth, musical sound. The bass is deep and powerful, giving rhythm and context to the lyrics. Your subwoofer will have to go low to cover the low notes in this song while being powerful enough to deliver bass that you can feel.

18. “Mango Drive” by Rhythm & Sound

A hypnotic, dreamy song, Mango Drive by Rhythm & Sound may be a rather old number, but it remains a great one. Your subwoofer should allow you to feel the deep, pulsating beat in your gut, emphasizing the trance-like nature of the song.

19. “Starlight” by Netsky

Starlight by Netsky is a great song to dance to. Its bass goes really low, challenging the best subwoofers which will also have to reproduce the waves of palpable bass energy that this song puts out. But if your subwoofer makes the cut, you will feel like you are actually at a rave.

20. “Lovin’ You” by Stwo

Lovin’ You by Stwo has a dreamy, almost mystical quality and a rhythmic bass that goes extremely low, underpinning the haunting melody. This is a great test for any subwoofer as its low beats, challenging rhythms, and different textures can trip up less capable subwoofers.

21. “I’m An Albatraoz” by AronChupa

Another great song that never gets old, I’m An Albatraoz has an insanely catchy beat and wonderful lyrics that will live rent-free in your mind. But to fully enjoy the song, you will need a subwoofer that can pump out loud, palpable bass that is rhythmic and hard-hitting.

22. “Torches” by X Ambassadors

A brooding song with a powerful bass that really conveys the vibe of the lyrics, X Ambassadors’ Torches is a great test for even the best subwoofers. The drums are gut-wrenching and deep, really communicating the drama of the music, so only a quality sub would be able to do the song justice.

23. “Blood // Water” by grandson

The fact that Blood // Water by grandson has great lyrics doesn’t mean it’s not a great song for headbangers. In fact, the bass goes incredibly low and only a truly full-range subwoofer will be able to cover some of the deep beats in this song.

The beat has chest-stomping power that was designed for a great sub.

24. “Hip Hop” by dead prez

Hip Hop by dead prez may be over two decades old, but it remains a classic to this day. Its lyrics remain as relevant as ever, but it’s the bassline that really thrills, with its iconic, wall-shaking beat. If your subwoofer can capture the magic, you know it’s up to scratch.

25. “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

Dark Horse by Katy Perry has a great melody and deeper bass than you would usually associate with a Perry song. In fact, the bass is loud and room-shaking – provided you have a subwoofer that can accurately reproduce the lower octaves and handle all that power.

26. “This Beat Is Technotronic” by Technotronic

A classic song from the ‘90s, Technotronic’s This Beat Is Technotronic has a powerful, pulsating bass that will test out the best subwoofers. Your subwoofer should be able to capture the raw energy of the extremely loud technotronic beat without bottoming out.

27. “Tragedy” by Gucci Mane

Tragedy by Gucci Mane comes from a classic mixtape from 2011. The bass in this song is really extended, as well as being extremely loud.

It is a great song to play if you want to test how low your subwoofer can really go. A great sub will be able to rattle the walls and pressurize the room without protest.

28. “White Girl” by Lil Wayne ft. Jeezy

White girl by Lil Wayne ft. Jeezy has some killer bars that can stress out the most powerful subs. The song demands to be heard loud, which is really going to challenge a subwoofer that will be called upon to reproduce the extended, chest-thumping beat.

29. “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West

With its loud, booming bassline, Birthday Song by 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West demands a great sub to be heard at its best. The lyrics are surprisingly meaningful, but it’s the infectious beat that really carries the song, though you will need a high-quality subwoofer to do it justice.

30. “Started From The Bottom” by Drake

With its great lyrics and classic beat, Started From The Bottom by Drake is a fan favorite. The bass is deep and powerful, but your subwoofer should be able to do more than produce trouser-flapping bass.

The beat is layered and complex, requiring a subwoofer that can also capture all the nuance to reproduce it in full measure.


Subwoofers are great for giving your sound system that extra boost that it needs to be heard loud and clear. You may think that you need the biggest subwoofer on the market, but what you need more than anything is a subwoofer that can accurately reproduce sounds in rooms of all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of songs out there that will allow you to test your subwoofer.

This list is a great place to start. Once your subwoofer is up and running, play one of the songs from this list and see how it performs. If the bass sounds muddy and unclear, it’s a sign that your subwoofer isn’t up to scratch.

On the other hand, a good subwoofer will produce strong, clear bass that fills the room. A great sub will be able to do this regardless of whether you’re playing hip hop or rock and roll, or any other genre.

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