10 Different Types of Music Listeners

Not everyone listens to music the same way. There are various types of music listeners, like casual listeners, music seekers, and audiophiles. So if you want to find out which type of music listener you are, take a look at this list of 10 different types of music listeners. 

1. Casual Listeners

A casual listener is a person who listens to music occasionally when driving, working out, or hanging out with friends. 

Casual listeners may know little about the music, the artists, and even the songs’ names. They also listen to music when the environment is too quiet or when they’re bored without really caring about what’s being played. 

2. Audiophiles

Audiophiles are music listeners capable of hearing even the tiniest details in any song. They won’t listen to music unless it’s played on studio headphones or high-quality speakers. To them, sound quality is their top priority when listening to music. 

Additionally, audiophiles are well acquainted with the different types of music gadgets. Their knowledge might extend to the point that they can tell how a song was recorded. 

3. Passive Listeners

Similar to casual listeners, passive listeners use music as background noise. They don’t know much about music artists and genres and may not even pay attention to the lyrics. 

Passive listeners don’t care much about discovering new music, either. They might even play the same playlist over and over again and be OK with it. 

4. Music Seekers

Music seekers are those who are always on the hunt for new music. They often make use of the music discovery features of music streaming services so they can discover new music all the time. 

They might occasionally ask their friends and relatives for some recommendations, but since their music taste often leans towards underground and lesser-known music, they prefer to discover music by themselves. 

5. Music Critics

Music critics listen to music for the sake of assessing how good it is. These types of listeners are not all that appreciated as their attitude is somewhat unappealing to most.

They love giving their opinion on every piece of music and even highlight the best and worst things about each of them. 

6. Music Connoisseurs

Music connoisseurs are familiar with what goes behind the scenes in music production and would often stock up on entire discographies. Music connoisseurs can be the perfect guides when it comes to music recommendations. 

They’re also often obsessed with creating playlists and know a lot about the artists that perform their favorite music. 

7. Emotional Listeners

Emotional music listeners develop a strong emotional bond to various types of music, especially if they can relate to the song’s lyrics or theme. 

If a song is about being sad or heartbroken, emotional listeners might get too emotional to the point that the music makes them cry. They dive deep into the music and often build a connection.

8. Music Addict

We’ve all met at least one music addict in our lives. A music addict is someone who listens to music almost the whole time. 

These are the type of people who don’t mind walking around with big headphones just to listen to high-quality music with no interruptions from the surrounding world. 

9. One-genre Only Listeners

One-genre-only listeners are those who are dedicated to listening to a single style of music and would even reject listening to any other music genre under all circumstances. 

To many one-genre-only listeners, their preferred genre is what “real music” is, and all other genres aren’t worth bothering with. 

Some one-genre-only listeners, like metalheads, create a “subculture” that extends beyond music listening.

10. Music Snub

A music snub is a person who believes that they have an excellent taste in music and that anyone who listens to different styles is listening to inferior music. 

Music snubs are often interested in the artists that perform their favorite music and would search about their personal life and career history. 

Are There Any Other Types of Music Listeners?

Other types of music listeners weren’t mentioned in the list. They include:

  • Workout listeners. These are people who only listen to music when working out for motivation and a boost in adrenaline.
  • All genres listeners. As you can tell, all-genres listeners can listen to and enjoy all styles of music without being too picky.
  • Music newbie listeners. Newbie listeners are those who didn’t use to listen to music in the past but just started exploring new music and artists.


That was a quick look at the different types of music listeners. The beauty of music is that there are no rules when it comes to how and when you listen to it. So you’re free to listen to one genre, explore new styles all the time, or even listen to one single artist. 

You can get as picky as you want with the equipment, artists, or genres, or never even bother with any of these; it’s your call! Try to figure out which type of music listener you are.

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Brian Clark

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