Personalized Gifts for Musicians – Get A Meaningful Music Gift

It’s coming up to the Christmas shopping season. There are such a large amount of products available online to buy for musicians, but why not go the extra mile and get something that’s personalized to them!

This article has some great ideas for music lovers and musicians. Some will look great on a mantelpiece, while others are actually completely useful and functional.

Let’s get right into it!

Personalized Gifts for Musicians – 6 Ideas

2. Personalized Copper Guitar Pick
High quality guitar pick with custom text
3. Hand Made Personalized Leather Guitar Strap
Leather guitar strap with nice design - Best suited to 10-12 letters of custom text
4. Custom Guitar Pick Maker
Make guitar picks from credit cards and other plastic, for many years to come!
5. Custom Personalized Wood Harmonica
Lovely wood harmonic with lots of different personalization options

1. Personalized Drumsticks

Is there a drummer in your life? Make them think of you all the time by buying them a personalized set of drumsticks. Romantic messages, inside jokes, insults… the possibilities are endless!

Note: the sticks don’t need to have love hearts on them. You can print other items such as logos on the sticks also.

The sticks can also have different engravings on each drumstick, with no extra charge.

These would be a great, cheap and unexpected gift for any drummer.

2. Personalized Guitar Pick

Guitar Picks are usually standard and expendable items… unless they are custom engraved and high quality!

This is a really nice option for guitarists. Even if they don’t use guitar picks very often, it’s still a very meaningful gift that will not be forgotten.

3. Personalized Guitar Strap

Think a guitar pick won’t be enough of a gift? Go to the next level and get a personalized guitar strap!

There’s enough space here to fit a person or band name here. Though you should keep it relatively short, otherwise it might not fit well into the design. 10-12 characters max is best.

Keep in mind that the guitar player will probably be wearing this item regularly, so it might be best to keep the personalized message to something that the guitarist would be happy to wear!

4. Custom Guitar Pick Maker

This item is a little different. Instead of ordering a personalized engraving from the buyer, you or the recipient of the gift can make as many custom guitar picks as they want!

You can make guitar picks from old credit cards, gift cards, or any other type of usable plastic. It’s also a great way to recycle old materials.

This is a really cheap item that could serve as both a fun and functional gift that will keep in giving for many years to come.

5. Personalized Wood Harmonica

This is a lovely and classy gift that you can give to just about anyone. There are a large amount of different personalized options. It’s a great gift option for weddings.

6. Cutting Board for Guitarists

Now for something else a little bit different! This is a lovely cutting board for any musician that also likes to spend some time in the kitchen.

It’s a lovely romantic gift. In fact, it’s so nice that the lucky recipient of this probably won’t want to use it as a chopping board at all!

How do you personalize these products?

Customization of these products is usually done in one of two ways. Either you click the ‘customize now’ button before buying, or alternatively, if this is not present for the product then you may just need to send the seller a message after buying the product.

Make sure to read the product descriptions or directions for whatever product you choose, as the process for submitting your personalized text may vary between sellers.

Any Other Personalized Music Gifts?

Have you come across any other great personalized music gifts that you think should be added to the list? Make sure to drop us a message below and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

We hope this article inspired you to get a great, meaningful gift for the music lover in your life. Buying an off-the-shelf music item is great, but getting something personal to you is something really special.

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