Harley Benton MiniStomp Green Tint Pedal Review

The Harley Benton MiniStomp Green Tint is an affordable, mini-overdrive pedal that allows for classic, vintage-like overdrive tones. It is an incredibly compact and simplistic guitar pedal inspired by the ever-popular Ibanez Tube Screamer.

Pedals are an essential part of a guitar player’s setup. They allow you to shape and enhance your guitar tone, adding effects like distortion, overdrive, delay, reverb, and much more. The Harley Benton MiniStomp Green Tint pedal is a vintage tube-like overdrive pedal that comes at an incredibly affordable price, making it an attractive option for guitarists of all levels.

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Value for Money




Build Quality


Sound Quality


Ease of Use



The Harley Benton MiniStomp Green Tint is a really affordable overdrive pedal that delivers vintage-like overdrive tones. It is a very compact and attractive pedal that saves space on a pedalboard and its ease of use and true bypass nature make it an excellent option for any guitarist.


  • Affordable price
  • Compact and attractive design
  • Warm, gritty, vintage-style overdrive
  • Easy to use
  • True bypass


  • 9V DC power adapter not included
  • Limited control options
  • Not-so-visible markers on the volume and gain knobs

Specs and Features

Harley Benton MiniStomp Green Tint Pedal
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The MiniStomp Green Tint Pedal is a true bypass pedal with a traditional overdrive circuit that is perfect for blues, rock, and classic rock. It has a single control knob for regulating the gain level and an LED light that indicates when the pedal is turned on. It is powered by a 9V DC power adapter, which is not included in the package.

Design and Build Quality

With its green tint finish and robust metal casing, the MiniStomp Green Tint Pedal is pretty appealing. Its small size saves space on your pedalboard, and the rubberized bottom keeps it from sliding around during performances. The control knob is smooth and simple to operate, and the LED light is a wonderful addition.

Overall, the build quality is excellent for a guitar pedal at this price point, and I like the simplistic design. Though, to be fair, the only thing I don’t like is the not-so-visible markers on the volume and tone knobs but with a white marker or nail polish, it is easy to fix this issue.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound, the MiniStomp Green Tint Pedal delivers warm, gritty, and vintage-style overdrive. By setting the gain knob low, you can achieve a mild tone boost. However, cranking it up results in a more aggressive and saturated sound, perfect for solos. I found that this pedal interacts well in a full rig without causing any noise or hum.

All in all, the sound you get is impressive and even matches the quality of a Tube Screamer. This is impressive, especially considering the price of this pedal.


The Harley Benton MiniStomp pedal collection, including the Green Tint, offers basic and appealing pedals at very low pricing. With its low price, I think it’s a no-brainer addition to any pedalboard.


If you’re interested in exploring similar pedals, consider the Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini. It packs a big punch for a small pedal and is slightly more expensive, but it offers more power in your playing. Like the Green Tint, it’s also powered by a 9V DC adapter and provides excellent value for money. You can also look into the Mooer Green Mile if you’re looking for a similar alternative.

See our video about Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini below.


In conclusion, the Harley Benton MiniStomp Green Tint Pedal is a fantastic option for those seeking a budget-friendly overdrive pedal that delivers a warm, gritty, and vintage-style tone. It’s well-built, easy to use, and sounds great with any guitar and amplifier. At its price, it’s a no-brainer addition to your pedalboard.

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