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Spotify no longer supports third-party DJ apps, since July 2020, which means users can’t use any dj software with their Spotify accounts for audio manipulation, track mixing and blending, or any kind of DJing. So, legally there can’t be any DJ software that works with Spotify.

Can I use Spotify with third-party DJ apps or DJ software?

As of July 2020, with the change of Spotify’s Terms Of Service and Developer’s Policy, Spotify has terminated third-party DJ apps and software access. The statement indicates that creating as well as using the Spotify app with a third-party DJ app for blending, mixing, and/or remixing tracks is illegal.

So, even though it is technically possible to use Spotify tracks with a DJ app (even Virtual DJ), it violates the Terms of Service, while creating an app for DJing with Spotify is against the Developer’s Policy. So, as of July 2020, there is no DJ app on the Apple Store, Google Store, or any platform that works connected to your Spotify account.

You may be thinking, what if I download the tracks from Spotify with the help of software to use them with your DJ app? Downloading or extracting any kind of content from Spotify to use outside the Spotify platform for DJ sets is illegal as the songs, podcasts, and cover art are all copyrighted content.

Are there any 3rd party apps that still support Spotify?

Besides the built-in Spotify DJ Mode, which does not offer much except the cross-fade, a basic EQ, and track selection features, the only DJ apps that Spotify has agreed to allow to keep working are the Pacemaker Dj app and Mixonset.


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Pacemaker is a DJ app for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) that allows users to mix tunes from platforms like Spotify and Apple Music Library. It is a paid DJ app in which you can manually select tracks to mix or let the AI DJ mix the auto-selected tunes and mix them for you.

Furthermore, the app allows you to use the studio function with which you can crop the start and the end of the tracks as well as set the mix on desired phrases, beats, and bars.


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Mixonset is an iOS-exclusive app (no Android option) that works with Spotify and mixes your favorite songs, artists, and playlists. It offers seamless transitions between tracks, especially for DJ beginners, and has a great song-suggestion feature built-in to discover new and exciting music.

Apart from working with Spotify, Mixonset also supports Apple Music, Tidal, and SoundCloud Free. The best part about this app is the Highlight feature which shortens the songs and plays the best 25-50% of the song as a highlight. Best of all, it’s free!

Can I use Spotify for playing music at events or places?

You can use Spotify for playing music at private parties or small events if you are not getting paid for it or people are not being charged to enter. It is not illegal to use Spotify to share music publicly for non-commercial gatherings. But, Spotify’s Terms Of Service prohibits using Spotify in any commercial area like bars, restaurants, nightclubs, or any kind of commercial event.

So, if you are just hanging out with your friends at a private party without a commercial nature, you are good to go. Spotify even has the Group Mode feature to create a collective playlist with friends to add songs to the queue from different devices. It also has a basic EQ and a cross-fade function to make things slightly more interesting.

But, if you are a business owner and want to use Spotify to entertain your clients, that would violate the user agreement of Spotify. 

Many bars and restaurants are using Spotify to play illegal music. There are other apps, software, and different kinds of solutions to play music in commercial areas without violating any rights. For any kind of questions about this issue, do not hesitate to contact Spotify customer service.

What are music resource alternatives for DJs?

As Spotify does not allow DJs to use its library with DJ apps anymore, DJs should look to other possible streaming platforms as a music resource for their performances. The most famous and extensive DJ-friendly music libraries today are Soundcloud and Tidal.

Many apps work with the extensive library of Soundcloud. Some are Algoriddim DJay Pro (subscription required), Traktor DJ2, Blaze, and WeDJ. For Tidal, you can go with Serato DJ, Algoriddim apps, and Rekordbox, which are all paid apps.

I recommend using the Algoriddim Djay app, as it allows the users to directly access the libraries of Soundcloud and Tidal from its library and has some really good DJing features, making the app more fun and versatile compared to the other apps.

Some people download Spotify music by converting the songs using a Converter that supports Spotify (supporting output format: MP3, Flac, AAC, WAV, etc.) and using the music for DJ sets without the need for an internet connection or Spotify integration. However, these are likely not legal options and they are certainly not officially supported.


In short, you can not use any third-party DJ app or software with Spotify anymore. Developing or using third-party Spotify DJ apps that benefit from the Spotify library is not legal as of July 2020. The only exceptions are the Pacemaker app and Mixonset which are exclusive to iOS devices, and Spotify DJ mode, which is fun but does not offer many features for real DJing.

Suppose you want to use some extensive libraries for your DJing performances. In that case, I suggest you go with alternative music resources like Soundcloud and Tidal, which are still DJ-friendly and offer a good range of tracks for DJing.

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