DJ Pools (Best Ones, How They Work, Pros/Cons)

DJ pools are a great way for you to get a large selection of fresh tracks in a monthly subscription. The type of DJ pool that you should go for depends on your preferred genres and the range of tracks you’re looking for.

Not all DJ pools are created equal! Listed down below are some of the best DJ pool platforms on the market today.

We are not affiliated with any of these DJ pools. Price listed below are accurate at the time of writing.

1. ZipDJ

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ZipDJ is one of the largest DJ pools on the market today. It covers pretty much any music genre you can think of and provides you with the best possible MP3 quality music. The monthly subscription can wary from 45$/month for an annual subscription to 25$/month for the introductory pricing plan.

Included in these prices is unlimited access to the whole database, with many tools to help you find music that you want. Also, to keep up with the ever-growing new music wave, you can rely on weekly playlists set up by the company.

2. Digital DJ pool

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The Digital DJ pool’s main selling point is the pricing. They are proud to be the cheapest DJ pool on the market, with the pricing of just 20$/month. Included in that you also get mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as the DJ network, allowing you to share the music with your colleagues around the world.

3. DJCity

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DJ city specializes in club and radio music, giving you the best of the best from those genres. It has only one pricing plan – 90$ for 3 months. With this subscription, you will also get access to the mobile apps and DJ city exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else. This is the best option for those DJs who are looking to get the freshest new club music to play at their joints.

4. BPM Supreme

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BPM Supreme is another household name in the DJ pool services. It offers a beautifully designed, user-friendly app, with tons of fresh new music. You can become a member of a standard or premium pricing plan (20$ or 30$ per month).

5. LNRP (Hip-Hop)

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If you are a hip-hop based DJ, LNRP is your pick. This is the best DJ pool for hip-hop music, with more than 10.000 songs available. You can search the songs through tons of different labels or even BPM rate. You can choose from monthly (47$ per month), 3-months, 6-months, or a yearly subscription.

6. DMS

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While many DJ pools these days don’t require verification of your account DMS does. This is a strictly professional club, where you get to pay more money, but you’re sure to get the best music available and work with professionals only. When joining you have to go through a verification process, where the company verifies that you’re a professional DJ.

Pricing is up, ranging from 30$ to 67$ for the unlimited monthly access to the libraries. This service is used by some of the industry heavyweights and even though it doesn’t have much of the bling of the other services, it compensates through the quality of the service.

Pros and Cons of DJ Pools

As always, there are no definite pros and cons for using DJ pools compared to buying your records and tracks from record companies directly (through services like Beatport). It really just depends on what you’re most comfortable with.

DJ pools generally have fresh music available that the companies want to promote. This means that if you’re a DJ that plays only new music, then this should cover all your needs and provide you with tracks even before they hit the market.

On the other hand, this is a con for those who work in niche genre style DJing. As someone who picks only select music, it would probably be smarter for you to buy your tracks, as DJ pools usually don’t cover niche music and you would need to subscribe to several pools to get what you want from them.

In the end, it all comes down just to what your preferences are and what your DJ style is (or what you want it to be at least). There are no definite answers, so you should choose carefully as to not spend your money in vain.

How Much do DJ Pools Cost?

The prices for DJ Pools can range between $20-70 per month, depending on what service you go for. DJ Pools may also have different pricing plans, as well as the option to offer a discount if you sign up for their yearly subscription instead of paying monthly.

Are DJ Pools Legal?

From our research, reputable DJ pools are legal. They are effectively a middle-man between record labels and DJs.

You can play this music as much as you like, but you should be careful with using this music in your mixes if you’re uploading them to streaming services. The best option, as always, is to check the guidelines of the streaming services you use and check that they are in line with the guidelines of your selected DJ pool.


DJ pools are a very practical way for some DJs to get their hands on fresh music and keep their mix in the loop. They have been around for several decades now and it’s a simple style matter whether you’re going to use them or not.

They do provide you with several pros and some cons, so it’s your personal choice if you are going to decide to pay them and get your music from them directly. We hope that this article has helped you to learn something new about the best DJ pools on the market today, as well as to get the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

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