The 5 Best Workout Music Players (2023)

If you’re the athletic type, you probably know how hard it is to manage a bulky phone in your pocket to listen to music while jogging or working out. This guide will help you determine the best workout players for you, from devices that can download offline songs from streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon music, to more simple mp3 players.

Our top pick for you as the best workout music player has got to be the Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player. It’s the best value for money with optimal durability and functionality.

If you’re looking for an option that’s both handy and budget-friendly, we recommend the AGPTEK GO2 8GB MP3 Player. It’s sweatproof, has great sound, and has adequate storage for its price.

That’s not to say that there’s plenty of options to suit all preferences and needs. Below, we’ve listed a variety of options along with a guide on how to pick the most suitable one for you.

The 5 Best Workout Music Players (2023)

1. Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player
Editor's Choice - Wirelessly play your favorite Spotify and Amazon music and podcasts with no phone, internet, or any extra weight.
2. AGPTEK GO2 8GB MP3 Player
Affordable Option - A very affordable workout music player for those on a budget
3. Sandisk SDMX28 16GB Sport Player
Good Quality MP3 Player with Clip - Water resistant, durable mp3 player with screen
4. H20 Audio Stream 2 MP3 Music Player
Great for Swimming - Take your music underwater
5. MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.0 with FM Radio and Voice Recorder
With Sport Armband - FM Radio, recorder, and MP3 Player around your arm

Let’s look at them in more detail:

1. Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player

Top Pick
Wirelessly play your favorite Spotify and Amazon music and podcasts with no phone, internet, or any extra weight.
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This is a durable and compact music player that supports both Bluetooth and Wired headphones, and lets you play your favorite Spotify and Amazon playlists offline. 


  • Great battery life, 5+ hours of constant music playing
  • Compact, works offline with no device around
  • Music automatically syncs with device on proximity, “Stay Fresh” mode does this automatically as soon as it connects to the internet
  • Bluetooth devices work smoothly with great sound


  • Can only play music from streaming platforms, can’t store MP3
  • Clip is not stable in sports activities and falls out of pockets

The Mighty Vibe Amazon music player is a reliable and simple music player. All you need to transfer your music is connect it to your phone and install the app. It has a simple sturdy chassis and durable material.

What the Mighty Vibe really offers is convenience. On connection to wifi, the Mighty Vibe automatically syncs your playlists from your spotify account. Your playlists are saved and updated periodically.

TypeSpotify and Amazon Music, 
Storage SpaceNo official storage space announced, but it hold 1000+ songs, which is equivalent to 8GB
Headphone connectionBluetooth and Wired headphones
Waterproof or resistantThis one is water-resistant (i.e. splash and sweatproof), but there’s a different special waterproof version from the same brand for swimming.
MountingClip-on mounted on band or in pocket
Includes screen?No

Most standard music player specs are covered in the Mighty Vibe. It’s reliably sweat resistant. Wired and Bluetooth connectivity are also included. It’s simple and straightforward design and function is its greatest asset. 

2. AGPTEK GO2 8GB MP3 Player

Budget Pick
A very affordable workout music player for those on a budget.
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The AGPTEK GO2 offers the best specs for a steal. It’s durable, sleek, and has great battery life.


  • Extremely Light and Compact (Perfect for Sports)
  • Clip is sturdy and stays on with intense movement
  • Easily switch between FM and Internal Storage
  • Up to 10 hours of music on one charge


  • No Wireless compatibility
  • Headphones not included
  • Doesn’t support iTunes, so need to convert any file WAV file to MP3 before storing

The GO2 is a great choice for convenience seekers. It’s straightforward, offering a storage space to play MP3 files. The buttons are easily clickable and are perfectly sized for smooth usage.

It’s made of dependable material so it can withstand falls. With 10+ hour battery life, all you need is to do is plug, play, and be on your way.

TypeMP3 and FM Radio
Storage Space8GB
Headphone connectionWired Headphones only
Waterproof or resistantNo
Includes screen?No

AGPTEK GO2 music player is our budget pick for a reason. The designers stuck to the basics and overlooked fancier and more expensive specs. This music player only has a wired headset connection and no screen or streaming. 

However, the box comes with a tested waterproof case that does the job.

3. Sandisk SDMX28 16GB Sport Player

Good Quality MP3 Player with Clip
Water resistant, durable mp3 player with screen.
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This is a water resistant music player with a screen. The Sandisk is a powerful music player that doesn’t compromise function for luxury.


  • Stores up to 4000 songs
  • Transfers any kind of music file with a simple copy-paste command
  • Up to 20 hours on single charge


  • Bluetooth 2.1 compatible (Older version)
  • The clip is quite unstable

The SanDisk comes with 16GB storage space. This gives you the ability to store more music. Furthermore, it plays most types of music files. 

The screen helps you navigate folders and organize playlists. This makes the Sandisk SDMX28 a perfect selection for those who want to buy a music player for audiobooks or podcasts. 

Storage Space16GB
Headphone connectionBluetooth and Wired Headphones
Waterproof or resistantWater Resistant
Includes screen?Yes

As mentioned above, the Sandisk offers all the works. Wireless connectivity, a slick screen, and a sturdy clip. These specs come at a price, the Sandisk is on the pricier side of our selection. Notably, the clip is sometimes unreliable.

4. H20 Audio Stream 2 MP3 Music Player

Great for Swimming
Take your music underwater.
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The perfect music player for swimmers. From design to functionality, the H20 Audio Stream offers the perfect fully submerged entertainment for serious swimmers.


  • Waterproof – great for swimming
  • Sturdy, 360 degree rotating snap-clip
  • Supports every file format, as well as streaming
  • Comes with short, waterproof earbuds to connect to swimming cap


  • Buttons are small, sometimes causing confusion

The main selling point of the H20 is water resistance and ease of use. It has a streamlined design with visible, rubber hoisted buttons. This makes it easily accessible to swimmers who have it clipped on their caps, which it is designed to fit on perfectly. The clip is 360 degree rotating and quite powerful. 

Moreso, short waterproof earbuds come with the box. The H20, along with the earbuds, can be fully submerged for a few meters for the duration of the battery life.

TypeMP3 and Streaming Services (Spotify, Pandora)
Storage Space8GB
Headphone connectionWired and Bluetooth
Waterproof or resistantWaterproof (Made specifically for swimmers)
Includes screen?No

The H20 is designed specifically for swimmers. This is reflected in its capabilities. It’s impressively waterproof and simply designed. It also offers wireless sound and streaming services.

Don’t expect a screen or customizable sound, however.

5. MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.0 with FM Radio and Voice Recorder

With Sport Armband
FM Radio, recorder, and MP3 Player around your arm.
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This MP3 player is a versatile and capable option with great functionality. From audio recording to a built in pedometer, it offers a great variety of specs.


  • Built in Pedometer makes it perfect for sports
  • Equalizer options with Genre presets and Custom options
  • Very high battery life with continuous music playing
  • Supports extra Micro SD storage


  • Touch buttons means it’s more susceptible to damage with falls
  • Bluetooth doesn’t pair with car speakers or phones

This MP3 player offers a plethora of utilities. The screen lets you categorize your files, check the built in pedometer, and even control your sound.

If the 16GB internal storage space isn’t enough, you can plug an external memory source. And with a very high battery life, this would make a perfect companion for longer trips.

Storage Space16GB internal with external storage space
Headphone connectionBluetooth and Wired headphones
Waterproof or resistantNo
Includes screen?Yes

This MP3 player offers compacted luxury. A screen, touch controls, and impressive battery make it a great pick.

On the other hand, it is sadly not waterproof. It’s also important to understand that these options take away from build strength. With the touch controls and screen, it’s quite susceptible to falls,

Workout Music Player – Buyer’s Guide

Workout music players come in all shapes and sizes. Your activity level and intended usage will determine the functions you prioritize in your music player.

This guide will help you decide which music player to buy according to your needs. We’ll give you the main specs to look for and which ones are more essential.

MP3 vs Streaming Services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) 

To be fair, very few people still retain MP3 libraries of music. Most people save their preferences on a streaming platform and download at will. 

If your music is mostly saved on a streaming platform, then you’ll prefer this spec. Some music players offer both options, while others only play from a streaming service.

For the music aficionados who listen to MP3s of rare live recordings of their favorite artists, a music player that only plays from streaming platforms may not be the best choice. 

Headphone Connection (Bluetooth vs Wired) 

Most people use wireless headphones nowadays. They’re more convenient and you don’t have to deal with tangled cords. 

However some people still prefer to use a wired headset as you don’t have to worry about charging.

Most wireless music players also have a headset plug so that shouldn’t be a problem. So you’re better off giving yourself the option of going wireless.

Make sure to look out if the music player uses an outdated version of Bluetooth. The current version is Bluetooth 4.0. 

Size and Durability 

The perfect size of workout music players is typically small. Something that can be easily clipped onto your pocket is the perfect size. If it fits comfortably in an armband, all the better. 

The most important thing to be mindful of is how the music player moves in your pocket or around your arm. If the clip isn’t sturdy enough or the music player is too big, it will become unstable. This might disturb the headphone plug or chord.

Ideally, your music player should have a solid body with accessible buttons. The material remains dependent on your needs. If you’re a cross country runner, for one, you’d naturally prefer a rubber coated or metal casing in case of falls. On the other hand, a swimmer would need a lighter waterproof material.


This also depends on your personal preference or utility. Most music players are water and sweat resistant. This is more than adequate for outdoor athletes.

However, swimmers or fly-fishers need music players that withstand being submerged in water for long times. The extent of water resistance is mentioned in every music player’s specs. 

A swimmer will need the most secure material as the music player will be submerged for longer periods. Alternatively, a fly-fisher can find a cheaper material that is still adequate for splashes.

Most vendors will specify if their music player is sweat, water, or splash resistant. Water-resistant music players sellers typically specify the depth and duration of submersion they can withstand.

Battery Life 

Most people don’t work out for more than 4 hours. Smaller and faster music players will usually replace shorter battery life with convenience.

For hikers, however, some treks can go on for days. They can find bulkier music players with longer battery life that can extend up to 4 hours.

The average battery life of workout music players is 5-10 hours. Around 6 hours seems like the best trade-off to replace battery life with convenience.


Most workout music players come with mounting clips. Some come with a band. The mounting clip is one of the most important parts of the body. 

You should look at reviews of the products for comments about the clip. Some clips are quite stable but end up breaking with force. Others are light and easy to clip but don’t securely grip on your pocket or armband.

Sound Quality 

From a workout music player, don’t expect studio sound quality or equalizing. Although some music players offer sound customization. 

Not to say that quality isn’t important, but most music players offer standard MP3 quality. In my opinion, it’s better to focus on sound quality. 

Due to safety restrictions on volume, some music players can’t go over medium-high volumes (which, let’s be frank, is a very good thing for our hearing!).

Storage Space

A standard 8GB music player stores an equivalent of 1000+ songs. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have more than 1000 songs on my workout playlists!

On the other hand, some use their music players for audiobooks or podcasts. As they’re larger files, you might need more storage space. 

Some pricier music players offer up to 128GB of music storage. However, we recommend you stick to a maximum of 16GB. This is what most music players in this price range offer and frankly all the extra space you need for podcasts.

Some music players offer a MicroSD slot for external storage. This may come in handy to those with larger libraries.


The main qualities of a good workout music player are convenience, stability, and durability. 

Our top pick, The Mighty Vibe achieves that and more. It’s a compact music player with stable mounting gear. 

With the ability to update and save your playlist automatically, all you need to do is connect it to your phone.

For a great quality and affordable pick, we recommended the AGPTEK GO2. It offers great battery life and a sleek design for an unbelievable bargain song.

At the end of the day, your pick will most likely change according to your needs and preferences. We provided you with a helpful guide on what to look at.

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