The 7 Best Party Speakers – Our Round-Up (2021)

Music is the lifeblood of a party. Great sound quality and a suitably high volume can bring a party to the next level!

Sound systems and quality speakers used to be really expensive, so you had to borrow or find the solution some other way. Luckily, today you can get good speakers for a rather low amount of money.

In todays age of smartphones, having connection with your phone is essential in any speaker you want to buy.

We created this list of top 7 party speakers, to help you find options fro  portable, battery-run speakers to full inhouse speakers. The majority of these are suitable for people on a budget.

Our Pick of the 7 Best Party Speakers!

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Affordable Portable BT Speaker
3. Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS
Big Speaker With Mic And Stand
4. QFX PBX-61081BT
FM Equipped 15” Speaker
5. PRORECK Party
Speaker Set For Larger Venues
High-end High-quality Portable Speaker
7. Altec Lansing ALP-L2200PK
Loud 15” Big Speaker


We start off the list with this small, affordable, but surprisingly loudspeaker meant for taking on the road with you or to the outdoor party anyway. AOMAIS Go Mini is small in size, with 11×7 inches and it’s really light, so it’s great for taking with yourself anywhere you go. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it swimming with you.

Sound-wise it has 25W speakers that are surprisingly loud and produce good quality sound. Of course, this is not the best sound you will hear, but it will cover your every basic need and without distortion or loosing of some noises.

It’s batterypowered, chargeable via micro USB cable (phone chargers will do), with beautiful LED lights around the speakers and has an AUX connection and a huge Bluetooth range of 100 ft. This is a great, small, portable and cheap speaker that’s sturdy and well built and you will definitely love it.


Keeping it in the small, affordable, quality area, Bugani M83 is a stereo speaker with 40W speaker power. It’s beautifully designed and is waterproof, which enables you to bring it out outdoor with you without a fear that some liquid is going to ruin it.

It runs on batteries and is charged through USB cable. It has AUX jack, microSD card slot and Bluetooth 5.0. It also packs phone charging slot, meaning you can use it as a battery for your phone.

The great thing about this speaker is its sound. Stereo 40W speakers mean that you will get all your bass, mids and highs right where you want them, and it can get real loud. It is a bit more expensive than the previous one on our list, but value for money, this is one of the best speakers there is.

3. Acoustic Audio byGoldwood AA15LBS

AA15LBS is a larger speaker, that comes together with a stand, microphone (good for karaoke or just if you want to speak) and a remote. This speaker is big and weighs 36 pounds, so it’s definitely not meant to be taken on remote places. Also, it needs to be plugged into electricity as there are no batteries.

Speaker itself is equipped with 15” woofer, USB and SD card slot, AUX, TCR and XLR female jacks, RCA I/O, Bluetooth connection, equalizer and volume knobs. It’s built to be sturdy, with hard casing and back wheels and extractable handle, allowing easier transportation.

This is a great, mid-range, high-quality sound speaker meant for backyard parties or home parties, relieving you of having to worry about speakers ever again.

4. QFX PBX-61081BT

QFX’s party speaker is another great portable speaker. This speaker is a bit bigger than previously mentioned portable speakers, as it has around 13 pounds in weight, but it comes packed with wheels and extractable handle so you can roll it like a suitcase.

It’s beautifully designed and has a really nice balance between size and portability. It’s packed with Bluetooth, USB, AUX and SD card connections and charges through standard micro USB cable. 

Also, it packs microphone input and FM radio, so you can listen to the radio if you don’t have anything other than that to play on it It has 8” woofer and the sound it produces is simply great. It can be quite loud and it’s reliable, so you can expect some 8-10 hours of listening time per charge without a problem.

5. PRORECK Party

If you’re looking for a speaker set that could cover the larger venue, this is the right thing for you. Affordable set coming from PRORECK, it consists of two speakers that come together with stands, a microphone, and a remote.

Even though there are two speakers, both of them are mono, so there is no stereo sound. The speakers themselves come in sturdy plastic casings, with wheels and handles to ease up moving the set.

Connection-wise this set comes with Bluetooth, USB, SD card, FM radio and several XLR and TRS jack inputs, as well as RCA input and output. The speakers are connected through the cable that has around 20 feet, so you shouldn’t have an issue setting them up so they can cover the whole venue.

This is a great set to use if you host a wedding or a convention or any group meeting for a mediumsize crowd. Sound is high quality and crisp, so there should be no problems in that regard.


LG PK7 is a high-end, audiophilequality portable speaker, that comes at a matching high-end price. LG is a wellknown name and in this project, they worked together with Meridian to make high-quality speakers. The speaker itself is sturdy and sleek in build, which is needed because it’s waterproof but it’s still light and small, making it very portable.

It has Bluetooth and AUX connection as well as the charging port and LED light around speakers. The great thing about this speaker is that it can act as a speakerphone because it has a built-in microphone.

As for the sound, it produces really hi-fi, the high-quality sound which is clairvoyant and crisp. But, the problem can be that such sound can’t overcome a loud environment, so you should skip it if you’re looking to take it to super-loud places. All in all, this is a refined, reliable hi-fi portable speaker.

7. Altec Lansing ALP-L2200PK

And for the cherry on the top of this list, we have Altec Lansing ALP-L2200PKThe real beast in this category, this is a single speaker with AC power, made specifically to be loud and to be used at parties. It produces a peak power of 2200W with 15” woofer, making sure that this is definitely the loudest speaker on this list.

As for the specifics, this item is packed with 100ft Bluetooth connectivity, XLR, TCR, RCA, AUX, USB and SD card connections, as well as FM radio, so you can be sure that there will be a way to connect to your device, whatever it may be.

Also, a great feature is that you can connect more of these speakers (just 2 over Bluetooth, but you can connect indefinite numbers over XLR cables). It also comes with an LED grill with different party modes and a microphone so it can be used for karaoke.


We hope we have helped you make your decision with the items on this list. The next time you’re hosting a party, do it in style with a super party speaker!

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