The 5 Best Pan Flutes for a Warm and Rich Sound (2021)

The Pan flute is one of the oldest instruments known to humanity. It still persists as a beautiful instrument used in folk music everywhere around the globe with different names and sizes but using the same principle.

The name ‘Pan flute’ comes from Ancient Greece and the legend of the creation of this flute by Greek god ‘Pan’. The basic principle on which this flute works, several pipes of different length tuned to notes and tied together to form an instrument was invented all around the world from South America to Asia. These instruments have different names in their indigenous places but are all basically the same instrument.

We made this list of top 5 pan flutes to help you with choosing the right one, as there are a lot of them that you can buy online. From beginners flutes meant for learning how to play to professional flutes for recording and live to play, you can choose anything from this list according to your needs and wishes and you can be sure that you are not going to be mistaken.

The 5 Best Pan Flutes – Our Pick

1. Artesanal Curved Pan Flute 13 Pipes
Editor's Choice - Great Bamboo Beginners Pan Flute
2. Vangoa Pan Flute Pan Pipe C Key 16 Pipe
Beginners Flute with 2 Ways to Play
3. Wind Melody 18 Pipes Eco-friendly Resin C
Large Quality Beginners Plastic Flute
4. 18 Pipes Pan Flute F Key
High-Quality Chinese Bamboo Flute

1. Artesanal Curved Pan Flute 13 Pipes Natural Bamboo

We open this list with this great, little, beginners’ ArtesanalCurved Pan flute. Curved pan flute made by a company named Piece of Heaven is a great little instrument that will give you the opportunity to learn how to play. It’s made from natural bamboo and has 13 pipes.

The sound of this flute is great, and for the small price it has, it really is a no-brainer if you should invest in buying one of these if you want to learn how to play the pan flute. You will get a high-quality product for a small amount of money.

2. Vangoa Pan Flute

Vangoa Pan Flute is another great flute made specifically for beginners. This flute is made from plastic, has 16 pipes and can be played in two different ways. The company that produces these cleverly designed them with two different mouthpieces you can attach and play the instrument in a different way.

First is a black mouthpiece with a plastic tube attached to it through which you can blow and move the end of the tube to hit different notes. Another way is to attach a mouthpiece that is pointed directly above the pipe holes with blowing licks that resemble the normal flute, making it impossible to miss the note like you could if you blew directly into the pipes.

Apart from having two separate ways of teaching you how to play, this flute is sturdy so it’s a great thing to buy for your kids if they want to start learning about music. Also, it’s fairly cheap so you won’t spend a whole lot on it and if your child doesn’t want to play with it, it’s not big spending after all. 

3. Wind Melody 18 Pipes Pan Flute

Another of the beginner’s flutes, Wind Melody’s Pan Flute is a great, 18-pipes flute. This instrument comes with a plastic mouthpiece, which is used to make sure you play the right notes and hit the pipes at the right angles and a rather convenient travel bag in which you can store the flute and carry it with you.

It’s made of plastic and it has 18 pipes, giving you a larger range of notes you can play. Even though it is a bit pricier than the two aforementioned flutes, it does have more pipes and the quality of the build is a bit better, so you get what you pay for, without a question.

This is a great pan flute for beginners looking to start learning how to play who want their instrument to last them and give them quality time after they finished learning.

4. MoonAngel Pan Flute

And now moving on to some of the more serious pan flutes out there. MoonAngel’s Pan Flute is a beautiful bamboo 18 pipes pan flute that comes together with a red velvet bag to carry it in. Even though it comes at a lower-middle price-range, this flute shows the craftsmanship of the high-end pan flutes.

The whole thing is made out of bamboo which is really great as it gives the original beautiful sound the plastic ones can never fully achieve. This also means that you need a bit more maintenance in your pan flute, but that’s expected.

Also, this flute is curved, even though the same manufacturer does have the straight ones in the offering. All in all, this is a great, high-end quality piece that you can buy for a low price and shouldn’t really think about it twice.  

5. Ramos Antara Pan Flute

Ramos Antara Pan Flute is probably the best one on this list when you compare the build quality with the price you have to pay to get it. Ramos’s Antara pan flute is Peruvian style pan flute, made out of wood.

It is rather large to build even though it has 13 pipes. With it, you get a beautiful Peruvian-styled wool bag, that is beautiful just on its own.

Even though there are some more expensive flutes out there, you will be surprised by the high-quality sound you will get from this pan flute. Rich and mellow, if you know what you’re doing with it there is no different from some of the more expensive models. Thus, it’s great for recording and playing live.

More on Pan Flutes…

The beauty of this instrument is mostly in it’s eerie and piercing sound which can be scary but also most mellow and relaxing in the world. Somewhat forgotten in the 20th century, pan flutes became a thing worldwide through Romanian player Gheorghe Zamfir and Peruvian folk bands that emerged in the same time in the ’70s as part of world music.

That inspired musicians worldwide to start learning how to play and use this instrument in their music. Today, the pan flute is used in all sorts of music genres and styles and people around the world are starting to play it as it is easy to use.

As all of the wind instruments, pan flutes are played by blowing different pipes to get different notes. Usually, there are a lot of pipes so you can play more complex themes, but there are also small, beginners’ flutes with fewer pipes.

The flutes can be tuned using different things, mainly beeswax, blocking the pipes and thus creating different notes, but that is a complex and slow process.


We hope we helped you with the making of this list to sift through the market and choose the right flute. Even if you didn’t intend to buy one, we hope we inspired you with this article, as this is really a great instrument that is easy to learn and can give richness and subtlety to your music you didn’t even know you needed. Choose any one flute on this list and you are sure not to make a mistake.

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