The 10 Best Music Production Podcasts (2024)

Music production podcasts are podcasts designed to feed their listeners with valuable information regarding songwriting, sound design, mixing, and mastering. They’re generally hosted by well-respected musicians and audio engineers and feature in-depth technical advice on many music-related themes.

Podcasts are everywhere nowadays and, luckily, music production podcasts make up for a decent percentage of the available options. Below, you can find the 10 best music production podcasts of the hour.

1. Appetite for Production

Hungry for the latest news and tips on everything surrounding electronic-music software and hardware? Look no further! The Appetite for Production podcast is the main course you need to relish on the hottest takes on VSTs, Kontakt libraries, and the most popular DAWs.

Hosted by two bonafide music nerds, Appetite for Production is a podcast with more than 90 freely available one-hour-long episodes. It should be a great match for both beginner and experienced music producers since it combines a friendly tone with in-depth music production advice.

2. Song Exploder

Music production podcasts don’t get any better than this. A musician himself, host Hrishikesh Hirway has sat down with more than 200 popular musicians to discuss some of their best songs in detail. The podcast Song Explorer has already landed a few awards and inspired a same-named Netflix series.

Song Exploder is one of those rare music production podcasts that’s interesting even for music fans who are not involved in making music. Hirway is one of the most experienced podcast hosts around, but the real stars of the show are his high-profile guests. Song Exploder has already featured some of the world’s most popular music acts, including U2, Fleetwood Mac, Billie Eilish, Metallica, and Lorde.

3. Pensado’s Place

Dave Pensado is an audio engineer with decades of experience who won a Grammy Award with his mix for the Mary J. Blige album “Growing Pains.” Tuning into one of Pensado’s many podcast episodes is surely a growing experience, but hardly a painful one: in Pensado’s Place, he’s shared some of the most incisive secrets of the industry and interviewed many interesting artists, songwriters, and fellow audio engineers.

Pensado’s Place can get extremely technical from time to time, but isn’t that exactly what one should expect from a great audio-mixing podcast? Pensado also has a popular YouTube channel where he shares content from his podcast.

4. Mixing Music

Dee Kei is a mixing engineer from Los Angeles, while Lu is a music-hardware expert who makes a living building professional studios. Together, they host the Mixing Music podcast, one of the most popular music production programs around. With more than 450K downloads, Mixing Music is considered to be one of the world’s top 50 music podcasts.

In an age where home studios are more accessible than ever, it’s no wonder a podcast for audio nerds has hit the mainstream. Mixing Music is fun but also very informative, and explores topics on everything from analog gear to the ins and outs of the music industry.

5. Working Class Audio

It’s not easy to make a living as a musician, and that’s why podcasts such as Matt Boudreau’s Working Class Audio are so important. An experienced audio engineer who’s been working professionally in the music industry since the late 80s, Boudreau loves to help struggling artists make money and become full-time music professionals.

In addition to engineering, Boudreau is known for being a former member of the bands The Sextants and Seven Day Diary, meaning he has an all-encompassing approach to music. The podcast is voiced by the radio personality Chuck Smith and edited by the sound designer Anne-Marie Pleau.

6. The Six Figure Home Studio

Don’t get scared by the name of this music production podcast: there are more than 100 episodes of The Six Figure Home Studio, and they all feature some important advice for all musicians, regardless of how much they make. Hosted by the industry professionals Chris Graham and Brian Hood, The Six Figure Home Studio is yet another podcast that focuses on the business side of music.

Graham and Hood have explored pretty much every topic in the book, from how to adapt your studio to the pandemic regulations to the finances, sales, marketing, and the mental health side of making a living as a music professional.

7. Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Knowing your DAW inside out: that’s a piece of advice every music producer should pay attention to. If your music-production software of choice happens to be Ableton Live, then you have to listen to Live Producers Online’s Ableton Music Producer Podcast. It’s hosted by the Ableton Certified Trainer Dan Giffin, who also sells private lessons via the Live Producers Online website.

This podcast goes into extreme detail on what makes Ableton Live such a powerful music-making tool, featuring in-depth episodes about the Push 2 controller and interesting interviews with “top producers and industry experts.”

8. Music Production Podcast

While on the topic of Ableton Live, how could we ignore the podcast hosted by the musician and Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Funk? Through his website, Funk offers many interesting content and solutions for beginner and advanced music productions, including a fine selection of Ableton Live Packs, often sampled from real analog instruments.

While straightforwardly titled Music Production Podcast, Funk’s show explores a vast number of music-related topics, from specific production tips and gear to lifestyle and philosophy.

9. My Forever Studio

Would you like to know more about the studios in which your favorite artists do their magic? Well, My Forever Studio is the solution you’ve been looking for. This extremely well-made music production podcast features one major music professional per episode, and the likes of Jacob Collier and KSHMR have already joined in on the action.

My Forever Studio is more than just a fun podcast, though. While exploring what some of the best artists of the hour do in their studios, the guys at MusicTech also feed their listeners with valuable music-production info, freeware packs, and even discounts on SoundToys and Solid State Logic VSTs.

10. Sonic Scoop

Mixing, mixing, and more mixing! Alongside Pensado’s Place, David Weiss and Janice Brown’s Sonic Scoop podcast features some of the best content for new and old audio engineers looking to improve their game. If you’re looking for detailed and high-level mixing tips, Sonic Scoop won’t disappoint you.

This podcast features entire half-hour to one-hour episodes on topics as niche as low-end processing and audio-effect rack placement. Weiss also likes to explore themes related to audio mastering and the music industry.


We live in the golden age of music learning, a time when it’s possible to get direct advice from some of the world’s leading artists and engineers for free and without leaving the house. When access to the Internet is all you need to peep into some of music’s best-kept secrets, why should you let go of the opportunity?

The best music production podcasts in the world can help you to improve your music, learn more about how audio works, and understand how to thrive in a saturated music industry. So don’t forget to give them a go!

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