The 5 Best Mixer Lamps and Lights (4-Pin XLR, BNC, USB)

When working with a mixing console, you need a fair amount of light to see all those knobs and buttons you’re using.

And that’s OK in the recording studio where you have lighting. But in a pitch-dark night club where the only light coming in from the visual effects, it can be quite tricky to get enough light to successfully work your mixer.

Music professionals have always tried to work their magic and get something that is going to be subtle but at the same time effective (as far as the lighting of the console goes). So, over the years a whole brand of mixing lights and lamps emerged, specifically made for use with mixers.

These tiny little lamps are versatile, strong, yet subtle enough not to overwhelm anything in the club. And the most important thing of it all – they don’t need any outer power supply. They’re usually made so they can be connected to the mixing stations with XLR connectors or something of that sort.

Because of the flood on the market in this sector, we decided to go through the mine work and dig out the top 5 mixer lamps and lights for you.

Here you will find the best of the best that the market has to offer at this time. From affordable to high-end expensive stuff, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for right here. So, here we go!

Our Round-Up of the Best Mixer Lights and Lamps

1. REJEA Gooseneck Light
Editor's Choice - Cheap And Reliable Mixer Light
2. Furman GN-LED
Affordable Nice LED Lamp
4. Allen & Heath LEDlamp
Pro Option - High-End Quality Gooseneck Lamp (XLR)
5. Yamaha LA1L Gooseneck Lamp
Fits Yamaha MG32X and MG24X consoles

1. REJEA Gooseneck Light (4-Pin, BNC, USB)

Starting in the lower price range, here we have REJEA Gooseneck light, 4 LED bulbs, 18” gooseneck lamp. There are a bunch of different options to choose from when purchasing, so choose wisely as not all will fit your mixer. You can even purchase ones with a USB connection so that you can use this lamp with your laptop or any USB jack.

Pricewise this is in the low-range category. It only goes on and off, and the bad thing is that it doesn’t have its own switch, but is shut down when the mixer is shut down, or just when it’s taken out of the socket. But, for the price, you can’t really expect everything to be perfect. This is a great, affordable, quality lamp that’s going to fulfill your every need.

2. Furman GN-LED (BNC)

This little light is a 12” gooseneck, BNC connected LED mixer light. The BNC connection has a screwon it, so you can secure it when you pop it in and be sure it won’t fall out. It is a bit shorter than the others, but it is efficient light and it should cover your mixer with light.

Another great thing about this lamp is that has detachable LED head, so you can swap it if it dies on you easily. 4 LED lamps in the head are sure to give you nice and cool white light, plenty of which to work with. As for the price, it is budgetfriendly, so you don’t have to worry about splurging out large amounts of money for this one. You will get a quality, sturdy, reliable lamp that will last you for ages.

3. LittLite18X-4-LED 18″ Gooseneck LED Lamp (4-Pin XLR)

We start off this list with this baby from littleThe 18X-4-LED lamp is an 18” long gooseneck lamp. It comes with a 4 pin XLR connection for power outlet so it can be used with any mixer station. It also has two different sets of lights inside, red and white. When the lights are below 50% only red ones are working, but as you turn the lights up, they go whiter.

This is sturdy, high-quality mixer lamp that is going to definitely shine a light on your workstation. It does come at a price, but if you’re looking for high-end stuff that is going to last you a long time, then it’s not that pricey after all.

4. Allen & HeathLEDlamp (4-Pin XLR)

Allen & Heath are wellknown mixer manufacturers and as such it’s only natural that they produce mixer lamps as well. This is an 18”, gooseneck lamp with 4 pin XLR connector in the bottom. The light comes from four LED lamps and it’s white. The lamp is controlled with a thumbwheel, so you can adjust the light setting to the amount that you really need at the time.

The great thing about this lamp is that it has bananashaped connector, so you can manipulate the light in different ways, and it won’t interfere with the other things you have connected to your console. The only bad thing about it is its price. It’s the most expensive one in the group, but you get what you pay for, and for this price, you’re sure to get a lot.

5. Yamaha LA1L Gooseneck Lamp

Another music technology producer, Yamaha has made mixer lights for its own mixers. LA1L is an 18” gooseneck lamp, coming with 4 pin XLR connection and 4 LED lamps inside. It has a bananashaped connector and the great thing about it is that it has rotating head, so you can turn it and flip it any way you need it.

The light coming from it is white and widely dispersed, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t cover the whole of your station as you work in the dark. It does come at a bit of a price, but you will get high-end, high-quality mixer lamp that is sure to last to for years without a hiccup.


We hope that this list helped you to pick the right lamp for yourself. Even though it’s often overlooked of an item, mixer lights and lamps are an irreplaceable piece of equipment. Without them, your job would just be much harder if not impossible.

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