The 10 Best Karaoke Machines for Kids (2024)

One of the best gifts that you can give to your kids is a karaoke machine. Karaoke machines allow your children to sing along with their songs from favorite performers, movies, and TV shows.

My top recommended karaoke machine for kids is the Singsation Karaoke Machine. This is a great karaoke machine that is usable with all karaoke apps via smartphones or tablets.

My second recommended karaoke machine for kids is the Croove Karaoke Machine. This is a budget-friendly alternative that comes with 2 microphones and disco lights.

The Best Karaoke Machines for Kids (2024) – At A Glance

And now onto the full list:

1. Singsation Karaoke Machine

Top Pick
A great karaoke machine, usable with all karaoke apps via smartphone or tablet.
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The Singsation Karaoke Machine is an excellent choice for kids. Within the box, you will get one microphone, a cradle in which you should hold a tablet or phone, an AC power adapter, and a quick start guide that will help you along the way.

The dimensions are convenient for children and it will not take too much space. You can also move it around with ease. You do not have to worry because it is compatible with some of the best karaoke apps that you can find online.

You will be able to connect it through an AUX cable that you can plug into your laptop, tablet, or phone, or wirelessly by using Bluetooth from a tablet or other mobile devices.

It contains three voice effects such as a chipmunk, low pitch, and high pitch, which is highly fun and unusual for both adults and children. It’s an affordable option that is definitely worth considering.

2. Croove Karaoke Machine

Budget Pick
A budget-friendly karaoke machine with 2 mics and disco lights.
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The Croove Karaoke Machine is an excellent choice for kids if you’re on a budget. This rechargeable battery karaoke machine is a portable one and sports a pretty simplistic design which is all the better, considering it is for kids.

This portable little speaker comes with 2 microphones and flashing disco lights. The versatility of this device is also quite good. It comes with AUX, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity, adding much more value to the already budget-friendly price.

The Croove Karaoke Machine is a highly lightweight one with a carrying handle, making it extremely easy to move around, even for kids. Plus, the multicolored disco lights are sure to be a smash with kids.

Overall, this is a cost-effective and fun karaoke machine that you can get on a budget. With two microphones and flashing lights, this is a great all-in-one deal.

3. Singtrix Karaoke Machine

Pro Pick
A High-end, premium quality karaoke machine.
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If you wish to get the best out of a karaoke machine and to find a high-end model that will stand the test of time, you should consider the Singtrix Karaoke Machine.

Apart from handy features that will allow you to switch genders due to voice effects, you will be able to choose voice enhancements by touching a button. Finally, your children will not be bored when you obtain this particular karaoke machine.

It contains more than 300 unique voice effects that you can choose from like echo and reverb, and it is the best machine that will provide you with this level of voice enhancement and correction inside.

Singtrix Karaoke Machine is so great that you will want to try it for yourself. Adults and children can easily become addicted to this high-end karaoke machine.

4. Singing Machine SML385UW

Popular Choice
A popular choice and well-designed karaoke machine with LED lights.
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In case you wish to find a karaoke machine that will provide your children with the ability to enjoy it all the way, you should consider the Singing Machine SML385UW. You can rest assured because it is one of the most popular ones on the market.

You will need a PC monitor or TV, and you have to plug it inside and leave your children to enjoy their favorite songs. It is convenient for use and you do not have to worry because the sturdy construction will unlikely break.

The great thing about this machine is the built-in speakers that are amazing when compared with other karaoke machines on this list. You will get built-in disco light and the ability to power it up the outlet, but you can use it with batteries too.

All in all, your children will be able to take them wherever you go. It is important to hear it in person, so you should check out the video linked above.

5. JYX Karaoke Machine

Well-rounded, Versatile
A well-rounded and versatile karaoke machine with a moderate price tag.
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The JYX Karaoke Machine is a moderately-priced karaoke machine with a good, well-rounded design and great versatility. It does sport a more grown-up design but it is still not too difficult to navigate, even for children.

This portable karaoke machine speaker comes with two wireless microphones, a remote control, and LED lights for maximum amusement. Additionally, it’s quite the versatile beast that supports a TF Card, USB, AUX, FM, and Recording.

While the sound quality is good, it is embellished with the added bass and treble function on the speaker. Also, it does come with a handle, making it great for moving around if needed.

Overall, the JYX Karaoke Machine is a good, well-rounded choice for those with a bit more in their pocket to afford this great device.

6. Singing Machine SML650BK

Value For Money
A great value karaoke machine for kids of all ages.
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If you want a good karaoke machine that will meet the demands of your kids, you should consider the Singing Machine SML650BK. When it comes to looks, you can choose between a black and white model, which is perfect for both girls and boys.

This particular machine is an all-in-one unit, which is an excellent choice and a fantastic thing for kids. You will get a stand-alone microphone, but everything else is built-in entirely.

You do not have to worry because, with a sturdy design, you will be able to enjoy this karaoke machine. Children can be rough with their toys, but you do not have to fear now, because it comes with a sturdy casing for added protection.

You will enjoy its performance, especially when compared with more expensive and significant karaoke machines. It contains a built-in speaker that will be great for any children out there as well as a disco light show, which adds excitement.

7. Singing Machine iSM1030BT

A high-quality karaoke pedestal with speakers.
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The Singing Machine iSM1030BT is a karaoke pedestal with great-quality speakers. When in full effect, this karaoke machine pumps out tunes as well as lyrics, thanks to the graphic display. It is an all-in-one karaoke system.

It comes with two karaoke microphones, making it ideal for duets for your little singers. Additionally, it has a CD player with onboard controls, maximizing the value of the product.

While the price is a bit higher than most on this list, it is a high-quality karaoke machine with good and durable construction.

If you’re after something a bit more high-end and high-quality, the Singing Machine iSM1030BT is a good choice to consider.

8. VTech Kidi Star Deluxe

Budget-friendly, Practical
A highly-affordable karaoke machine with a practical design.
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This next machine screams practicality. The VTech Kidi Star Deluxe is a very affordable karaoke machine with an adjustable stand with various capabilities. It does not have an auto voice control, but it does have built-in voice effects and games.

The pink design is great for little princesses who enjoy singing. It also connects to an MP3 player and has flashing light effects with a 180-degree turnable design.

Children can use the built-in recorder to record their own versions of songs or even duets with the two microphones provided. Additionally, it does have a vocal changer which only spices up the features.

Overall, when it comes to the best kids’ karaoke machines on a budget, this is a great pick!

9. Karaoke USA GF842

Mid-ranged, well-designed karaoke machine with 2 mics, Bluetooth, and LED lights.
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The Karaoke USA GF842 is a great mid-range karaoke machine with Bluetooth capability. This 35W device comes with 2 microphones, a 7″ TFT Digital Color Screen, and LED disco lights.

You can connect your phone on top of the machine for the ultimate karaoke experience. With DVD, CDG, and MP3G capabilities, this is a great and versatile karaoke machine with a moderate price tag, suitable for children.

Not only that, it boasts great ratings on Amazon. It is a decently durable device shaped like a speaker with the added knobs on top for better optimization.

All in all, the Karaoke USA GF842 offers great value for money, considering the overall design and good sound quality.

10. Little Pretender Karaoke Machine

Highly Affordable
Budget-friendly karaoke machine for kids with pedals and effects.
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The Little Pretender Karaoke Machine is a battery-powered device that needs 4 AA batteries. This lightweight device comes with two microphones, an adjustable stand, and flashing stage lights.

The main selling point of this product is definitely the effects pedals. You can try out different sound effects with the mounted microphone or the hand-held one. Also, it is a very practical design, more than capable of easy assembly.

The AUX capabilities are also available if you want to connect your phone to YouTube or similar. Granted, the durability is not that great, but for small children, it is a great choice.

Considering the affordable price tag, this might be an ideal choice for kids if you’re worried about getting them something more high-end.

Are Karaoke Machines for Kids All-in-one Devices?

Most children’s karaoke machines are all-in-one devices, which means that you do not have to buy additional accessories and extras to make it work. They feature microphones, built-in screens, and controllers, so they will be able to start singing immediately.

What to look for in a Karaoke Machine for Kids when Buying?

Some of the key things to look for in a Karaoke Machine for kids are the ease of use, the quality, the audio format, and naturally, the price.

Ease Of Use

If you want to make sure that the karaoke machine you purchase is kid-friendly, you have to keep in mind that kids have shorter attention spans, so you should find the one that will keep their interests high.

The best way to do it is to find the one which is self-integrated and will allow you to easily and quickly choose a song you wish to sing along with. The more accessories, options, and controls it has, the less likely it is that children will enjoy using it.


It is essential to understand that karaoke machines for children tend to be more affordable than professional models and setups. However, you do not have to be cheap when giving your children entertainment. You can find a wide array of children’s models that will last for years after purchase.

You should always check the all-in-one machine that feels robust and sturdy. Since children can be rough with their toys, avoid finding a lousy device that will break after a few punches.

Audio Format

You should be aware of how the machine functions and the number of songs that you can implement inside. Have in mind that most of them feature hundreds of songs inside, but the more convenient solution is to find the one that features CD drives and USB slots so that you can expand the number of tracks.


When it comes to the price of a karaoke machine for kids, depending on the age of your child/children, you should opt for an affordable or more high-quality machine. For small kids, you should get something affordable in order not to worry if they break it. If the kids are bigger and more aware, then a high-quality product might be worth your while.


As you can see from everything that I have mentioned above, it is challenging to find the best karaoke machine for kids. However, when you have in mind what you wish to get and how devices function overall, you will be able to make a quality purchase.

My top pick is the Singsation Karaoke Machine, a great karaoke machine that is usable with all karaoke apps via smartphones or tablets.

My budget pick is the Croove Karaoke Machine, a budget-friendly alternative that comes with 2 microphones and flashing disco lights.

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