AirPods Connected But No Sound (6 Fixes)

Some easy fixes for connected AirPods that aren’t playing any sound include cleaning, resetting, or updating your AirPods. You can also try raising the volume, enabling Automatic Ear Detection, and giving your AirPods some time to charge. 

1. Clean Your AirPods

AirPods get dirty pretty quickly, which may cause them to function unexpectedly. Try cleaning your AirPods and see if it fixes the problem.

Use a slightly damp lint-free cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the AirPods and the charging case. You might also want to use a small brush or even q-tips to clean the grills.

2. Reset Your AirPods

Resetting your AirPods may fix the “no sound” issue. Here’s how to reset them:

  • Open “Bluetooth” settings
  • Click on the ‘i’ next to your AirPods and tap on “Forget this device
  • Put your AirPods in the Charging case and keep the lid open
  • Press and hold the physical pairing button on the charging case until it starts flashing white
  • A prompt will appear on your device’s screen; tap on “Pair

3. Put the AirPods in the Charging Case

Sometimes, your AirPods might have enough charge to connect to your device but not enough charge to produce any audible sound. In that case, simply putting the AirPods in the charging case and letting them charge for a while may fix the problem.

4. Check the Volume

You may not be hearing any sound coming out of your AirPods simply because your device is on mute or the volume is too low. Play around with the volume rockers of your device and see if raising the airpods volume a bit does the trick. 

5. Update Your Devices

If you can’t hear any sound on your AirPods, it might be because your device or your AirPods are not up to date. Check for updates on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and install the latest software version.

Your Airpod’ss firmware should update itself automatically, but if it’s not working for whatever reason, you can force update your AirPods by doing the following:

  • Put your AirPods in the charging case
  • Connect the charging case to any power source with a charging cable
  • Keep your internet-connected device next to the charging case, and your AirPods should initiate the software update process

6. Enable Automatic Ear Detection

Automatic Ear Detection is a feature that makes your AirPods automatically play a sound once you put them in your ears. As long as Bluetooth is enabled and your AirPods are within your device’s Bluetooth range, the feature can be quite handy.

Automatic Ear Detection is enabled by default, but if it was turned off for whatever reason, you could enable it by doing the following:

  • Go to “Settings” and select “Bluetooth
  • Click on the ‘i’ next to your AirPods’ name
  • Toggle “Automatic Ear Detection” on


So that was pretty much everything you could do to fix a pair of connected AirPods that aren’t playing any sound. 

If you cleaned your AirPods, tried resetting them, updated your devices to the latest software version, and gave all the other fixes a shot, but nothing worked, your last resort is to contact Apple’s customer support

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