A List of Great Violin Lessons Online

If you wanted to learn how to play an instrument in the past, you had two options – either find a tutor in your town or, if that’s not an option, become a self-taught musician. Today, with the rise of the internet, there are lots of options for learning anything in the world and that spreads even to learning how to play an instrument, in this case, a violin. One of the oldest and most popular instruments in the world, the humble violin is played around the globe by millions of people and is used for anything from classical music to pop music today.

Old or young, it’s never too late to start learning how to play an instrument. And when you start looking for a way to learn how to play violin online, you will be flushed with thousands of websites offering you both free and paid ways to learn how to play. Because of the overwhelming number of classes online, we made this list of best violin lessons online to help you make a choice.

Note: pricing of these lessons accurate as of Aug 7th 2019. Please go to the pricing sections of the corresponding websites to get current prices.

1. ViolinLab

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ViolinLab is a website dedicated solely to teaching violin, as the name suggests. On the website itself, you can get more than 550 video lessons ranging from total beginners, people who have never held a violin in their hand before, to advanced lessons for experienced players where you can learn new details and hone your skill some more. 

For the website itself, it’s paid membership, with different packages going from one month to one-year subscription. Price for a yearly subscription is 90$, and for that, you get full unlimited access to the website and all of the lessons. The great thing about this website is that there are no automated renewals, but if you choose to renew your subscription you will get 20% off from the price of the package you’re buying.

Apart from violin video lessons, you get access to the community forum where you can ask questions and get answers quickly, and also you can purchase Practice and Note Reading courses, which are one-time shopping. Also, there is a free Youtube channel on which you can get a taste of what the video lessons look like and get some basic lessons about the violin playing.

2. Masterclass

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Masterclass is a website that will offer you lessons from A-list masters in their respective fields and for a violin class they’ve chosen Itzhak Perlman, a world-renowned violinist who plays for more than 60 years. These are paid lessons, and they will cost you 90$ for just a violin class, or you can buy access to the whole website for 150$.

Masterclass lessons are not meant for total beginners and you are expected to know the basics of how to use a violin. These lessons are more for violin player who knows the basics of playing the instrument and teaching them some new things and styles on which they can focus their attention. In these lessons, you will get 20 video lessons as well as workbook and of course the access to the community hub, on which you can exchange experiences with other students in this class.

3. Violin masterclass

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Violin masterclass is a website made by famous violin professor Kurt Sassmannshaus that offers you both free and paid lessons and can teach you anything from most basic stuff to the advanced tips and tricks. What separates this website from other online lessons is an option to have 1 on 1 lesson with real-life college teachers from around the world if you need them.

There is, of course, a youtube channel with free lessons, as well as PDF instructions for independent lessons, but if you want more serious help and tuition, than you can pay for one on one lessons with mentioned live professors. Price for 45 minutes lesson in 70$ and you can get lessons from professor Sssmannshaus himself after audition and for a rate of 250$. The great thing about life lessons is, of course, the ability of the professor to monitor your progress and correct your mistakes if you make any immediately.

4. Online violin education

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Online violin education is run by Heather Broadbent, American violinist who has 20 years of experience in playing and teaching violin. There are different options on this website, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced player, and special content for anyone according to their skills.

On this website you can find free lessons on her Youtube channel, but if you are serious about learning you can buy access to her own E-books as well as video lessons and even personalized comment from the professor on your technique and playing style with a differently rated one-time payment. That should help you learn how to play like a pro and without paying for tutors ridiculous rates. She has several years of teaching violin and course she made is highly praised in professional tutorship ranks. 

5. Violin School

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Violin School is an online violin course led by Simon Hewitt and based in London, UK. They offer different types of courses and since they are in somewhat of a rebuild mode, currently only a beginner’s course is available, but the rest will be online soon enough.

What’s great about this school is that it enables you to start free lessons, with easy and interesting videos, and if you like it and see that you can learn how to play the violin at home, you can buy full course which includes video lessons, feedback from your teachers, written materials and exercises and all that for 350$ one-time payment.

This is a great school for anyone and will definitely help you learn how to become a master at playing the violin.

Honorable Mentions

If you wish to learn how to play but don’t like the general idea of paying for some generic course and just watching a bunch of videos or reading loads of books, then you can always turn to online 1 on 1 lesson. Websites like Udemy or Fiverr or Upwork offer you a service of connecting you with freelancers around the world who are giving lessons online.

Usually, this means you will browse through available tutors and choose which one you like and agree on live skype lessons, which are way better than any video you watch because of the feedback. And feedback is crucial if you’re serious about learning how to play properly. So, you can always look at these websites for personalized training by experienced tutors. 

Of course, there is always an option of looking into different Youtube lessons, which can give you some basic knowledge, but those are not usually a place for serious studying. but if you lack funds for paying teachers or lessons then you can always rely on powers of the internet to find free lessons and combine them how you like.


There are many ways how you can learn to play the violin and here we selected just a few which we consider are the best. Of course, there are many other online courses and you can find anything you like if you search for it long enough. But the main thing is you can easily learn how to play the violin by taking online courses and lessons.

Whether you buy e-books and materials, watch online lesson videos or engage in 1-on-1 lessons with tutors online, you are guaranteed to learn how to play this magnificent instrument if you just put enough practice into it and listen to the advice you are given by your instructors.

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