10 Ultimate Band Fails that will Leave you in Stitches

When you hear Coldplay sing a song that takes you to the clouds and lifts up your spirit.

When the Spice Girls rock your eardrums and you yearn for their impossible reunion.

When they play Chainsmokers’ latest song in the club and you begin to dance.

When you see a band break out in a fist fight…

Or worse, a singer peeing on the stage in a freaking concert!

Cringe much?!

Here we have an awesome compilation of ultimate band fails that will leave you in stitches! We have singers butchering classics without a mercy, we have bands fighting over the mic, and of course, falling flat on their face in the middle of the song.

1. In case you had forgotten that once upon a time Fergie was a part of Black Eyed Peas, we have a great picture that will bring the flood of memories running back

Oh, yes! Speaking of flood, Fergie once accidentally peed on stage while performing in a live concert back in 2005.

Quick reminder that Fergie once peed herself on stage in 2005.

While she was singing a song in full gusto, the audience saw a pee stain on her pants. Obviously, pictures were clicked, and they went viral in a jiffy. Was it even a thing back then? Anyway, some people argue that it was actually just sweat. But who knows? It must be quite embarrassing!

2. If you ever become a musician and get lucky enough to perform in a concert, make sure you have a good grip. You don’t want to drop your instruments!


This budding musician decided to give up his career and saluted his bands member when he dropped his ill-fated instrument by mistake. The fellow band member surely thinks he has made the right decision. Well, good luck finding a new gig! We hope you get one soon!

3. Are marching bands supremely swanky or absolutely uncool? We have never managed to figure it out.


In their case, however, they surely need some more practice in alignment. The best part is they kept on playing even though they were tripping. That’s the spirit, guys! Keep it up and next time, watch out a little! No stepping on toes.

4. Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is a famous song loved by millions. It has numerous covers; some good and some bad… and some just utterly terrible. This particular cover by a local band has to be the worst!

During a breast cancer awareness event, the band sang the song that made the audience feel simply… uncomfortably dumb.

Hello… Hello… Hello. We are definitely high…

Oh my!

5. This awesome drum solo by Rick K. and the Allnighters. Is it a fail or not? We can’t decide… You tell us.

But if your band has two drummers and just one drumming kit, please get another ASAP! You don’t want any drummer to feel left out during a live show, trust me! They require undivided attention.

The drummers are so in love with the drums that they even drummed themselves with the sticks!

6. Rock bands are pretty hardcore…. but it can make the audience go berserk. Especially if you suck!


While the band was performing a song, a man stood up and broke the speaker in pure anger. We can’t help but wonder how bad the band was. The performance must be quite horrible considering the rage! But hey, next time you hear a terrible song, please calm down and don’t go off breaking speakers. They are expensive!

7. When we talk about band fails, it is not possible to complete the list without mentioning Metallica. But hold your horses, this is actually a cover and we have finally found a drummer worse than Lars Ulrich.

The local band poorly attempts to play Enter Sandman. The drummer has completely forgot to play the drums, the vocals are out of sync and guitarist is off-key. Well, according to the drummer, he hadn’t touched the drums in years and was out of practice, but he has successfully mastered the art of drumming since then. At least, we hope so!

8. Stage fright is a scary thing… Especially if you are in a band!


Imagine you are on a stage dressed in your best attire in front of hundreds of people. You are about to sing a dreamy tune but then you realize you have stage fright and you just fall on your face. This is rather sad!

9. When English is not your first language, but you love an English song!

Here is a punk version of Asking Alexandria and it is…. Horrifying to say the least. After listening to it, you will have to clean and purify your ears, mind, and heart with beautiful music.

10. This upcoming Indian duo… We hope they make it! What do YOU think of this song?

They have a great motto though. It is your life, do whatever you want to do. Don’t let anyone stop, okay?

We love how they are being motivated by their composers.

Whether you are famous or not, it is unavoidable to have an embarrassing or an unfortunate incident that makes your embarrassed. But please if you are prone to it, make sure you are not being filmed. You don’t want to be viral, or do you?

Moving on… We hope you loved our funniest band fails compilation and had a good laugh going through it. We all enjoy music, but sadly, most of us can’t be great musicians or even close to it. Sometimes it is best to stick to singing in the shower or if you want more attention, head to the karaoke machine! If you think you are good at it, then go on! Play the drums and sing a song!

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